Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Composition / History / Theory

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in history, theory and composition, as well as a Doctor of Music degree in composition.


The Glenn Korff School of Music offers both a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in conducting, with concentrations in choral conducting, orchestral conducting, and wind band conducting.


The UNL Dance Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance, as well as a minor. Both majors and minors in dance must successfully complete an audition.

Jazz Studies

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers a Master of Music degree and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in jazz performance and composition.

Minors in Music or Dance

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers minors in dance, music, and music technology, as well as special minors in musical theater for music majors and theatre majors.

Music Education

Graduates of the music education program teach in schools throughout the United States. They include directors of high school bands, choirs, and orchestras, elementary general music teachers, and instructors of non-traditional offerings such as guitar classes, computer music labs, and popular music ensembles. The music education curriculum at UNL provides a breadth of learning opportunities that reinforce the rich traditions of school music and support continuing innovations in the music teaching profession.


The Glenn Korff School of Music offers a Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy and Performance, and Ph.D. degrees with emphases in Piano Pedagogy and Vocal Pedagogy.

Performance (Instrumental or Vocal)

Experiencing music through performance is the foundation for all of our undergraduate degree programs, and admission to the Glenn Korff School of Music depends upon a successful performance audition. We feel our music students represent some of the most talented young musicians in the region. The Glenn Korff School of Music faculty consists of over 60 nationally acclaimed performers, composers, and music educators, each committed to helping students achieve their full musical potential. Standards are rigorous and expectations are high.