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University Singers

Week ending October 19

ICYMI: Here is Scott Anderson's appearance on Friday Live from this morning #gksom 

Videos on our YouTube channel have been viewed by 25 other countries. Let's go world wide! @NebraskaAlumni #unlarts 


University Singers #gksom #unl #unlarts 

Learn more about #musiceducation at #unl  

Symphonic Band performance from Tuesday night. #gksom #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/uN6f23IqLv/ 

Our own Potter, Neely to play in Wyoming event. http://www.laramieboomerang.com/articles/2014/10/15/news/doc543df5d10df2b756681409.txt 

It's time to plan your visit to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. http://admissions.unl.edu/visit.aspx  #unl #gksom

We welcome Michael Kirkendoll from the University of Kansas for an upcoming performance in Westbrook. #gksom http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/kirkendoll-guest-artist-university-kansas-perform-westbrook 

Varsity Chorus from last night's performance #gksom #unl #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/uJRYHioqBV/ 

All-Collegiate Choir from last night's performance #gksom #unl #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/uJRQOvIqBM/ 

University Chorale from last night's performance #gksom #unl #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/uJRIERIqA8/ 

@UNLincoln: Sweet! #LNK made the list for The 20 Best Small Cities for College Students ›› http://huff.to/1sNatP1 . #UNL

Mark your calendars for this upcoming, sure to be amazing, performance in a couple of weeks. http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/two-ensembles-take-kimball-stage-one-amazing-night  #gksom

Tonight's Skyros Quartet performance will be live webcast starting at 5 p.m. as part of our Student Showcase Series. http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/culture/glenn-korff-school-music-performance-skyros-quartet-recital-kimball

Week ending October 12

Pete Eklund @pete_eklund invites everyone to attend the University Singers performance in person or via webcast. http://youtu.be/T4Kyb2G0kiI 

The more you know... http://arts.unl.edu/music/prospective-students 

Waiting for a personal invite to attend tonight's Pierrot Lunaire? http://youtu.be/nPwE08iA9Rs 

Welcome our new Piano Technician -- Li Yeoh. http://arts.unl.edu/music/faculty/li-yeoh 

@skleppinger: Only a few hours till the giant black moths come out to play. Pierrot tonight! Listen here: http://bit.ly/1qpRsMJ  @UNLSomusic #unlarts

Brass faculty goes solo for upcoming performance #gksom


UNL Wind Ensemble rehearses prior to its performance tomorrow night in Kimball Recital Hall. #GKSOMhttp://instagram.com/p/t3K8NaIqHw/ 

Our own, Glenn Nierman, President of National Association for Music Education to speak today at Penn State http://news.psu.edu/story/328926/2014/10/03/arts-and-entertainment/president-national-association-music-education-speak 

Week ending October 5

University Singers plan Songs for a Better World #UNL #GKSOM 

Have a great, safe trip to Michigan State @UNLBands @DougBush2

What is life in #UNLarts like? Follow our cast to find out: @johnwritesmusic; @_DanceAli; @photo_alec; @Em2art; @StageCombat_Pat; @MosoundSs

You can view John and Ali's cast videos at our web site: http://arts.unl.edu/music 

Cast launch! http://youtu.be/7QnIQyGShGU  #unlarts #gksom

We've already gotten requests for the closing video at the #UNLStateofTheU. So here it is in all its happiness: http://bit.ly/YUHcpd  #UNL

UNL Symphonic Band opens its season Oct. 14 with "And Through Eternity, I’ll Sing On" http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/unl-symphonic-band-opens-its-season-oct-14 

RT @kmosier42: .@UNLBands' #FearAmeer formation was seen by almost 1 million people via official #Huskers SM accounts alone. #SMSports

University of Nebraska Brass Quintet #UNL #GKSOM @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/tkqB3nIqOj/ 

Evening of Choirs takes center stage October 13 http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/evening-choirs-takes-center-stage-october-13 

Want to learn more about our upcoming Wind Ensemble performance? Here's an invitation to attend from Carolyn Barber http://youtu.be/9cN1N_501LM?list=UUDqO8t1NNWXmPySPo7bwVmg 

UNL Symphony Orchestra to perform ‘Journeys in the Imagination’ http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/unl-symphony-orchestra-perform-%E2%80%98journeys-imagination%E2%80%99UNL  #unl #gksom

Week ending September 28

ICYMI: Our Cornhusker Marching Band's performance at the end of halftime against Illinois. #FearAmeer http://btn.com/2014/09/27/video-nebraska-marching-band-forms-fear-

ICYMI: Here is the Campaign for Nebraska Finale featuring the Cornhusker Marching Band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0s9sm0RFF4&list=UUlId1SsXjgL2QE14xvEZbcg 

For those on the East Coast, @ChiaraQuartet will be performing... http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/09/top_5_ny_shows_this_week_met_gala_disgraced_on_broadway.html 

Be sure to bookmark this page for all of our upcoming web casts and to watch previous performances too! http://arts.unl.edu/music/webcasts 

Glenn Korff School of Music presents landmark 'Pierrot Lunaire' #gksom #unl http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/glenn-korff-school-music-presents-landmark-pierrot-lunaire 

Christopher Marks from University of Neb., brings surprises to the Auditorium #gksom http://www.examiner.com/review/christopher-marks-from-university-of-neb-brings-surprises-to-the-auditorium 

Here is Jonah Sirota's full performance from our live webcast. http://youtu.be/ivfXxZqCbTU?list=UUDqO8t1NNWXmPySPo7bwVmg 

UNL Wind Ensemble opens season October 8 #gksom #unl http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/unl-wind-ensemble-opens-season-october-8 

Is this really going to be happening at halftime? Yes! #FearAmeer and the Cornhusker Marching Band http://nebraska.247sports.com/Bolt/Abdullah-part-of-halftime-performance-31447322 

Congrats to the Skyros String Quartet on recording your first CD! @SkyrosQuartet #GKSOM http://newsroom.unl.edu/announce/artsatunl/3568/19802 

Our third webcast this fall will be the University of Nebraska Brass Quintet. http://youtu.be/HkU1pF1PRWA  via @YouTube

We've added some updates to our blog about Marks and Clinton. Read: http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog 

Jonah Sirota's viola performance. @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/tSxbA-IqPx/ 

Here is Mark Clinton's entire performance from our live webcast from September 18. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/kYtDODcXnRU 

ICYMI: Here is an interview with Dr. Richmond prior to our first web cast. Tonight is Jonah Sirota's performance. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=766107360121687&set=vb.387087871356973&type=2&theater 

Week ending September 21

Mark Clinton performance #GKSOM #UNL #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall http://instagram.com/p/tIWdeTIqII/ 

Click on today's KFOR link for a story about our upcoming webcasts as part of an interview with @JohnWRichmond2 . http://www.kfor1240.com/pages/8937237.php ?

#UNL Be sure to bookmark this page for all of our webcasts. They begin tonight with Mark Clinton's performance. http://arts.unl.edu/music/webcasts 

Thanks @JournalStarNews for the article on Jonah Sirota's upcoming performance. http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/fun-and-fundraisers/violist-recital-monday/article_30bf7538-f43e-5e9b-8423-b156018e633a.html 

John Richmond @JohnWRichmond2: More cool bling @UNLSomusic for #UNL24. pic.twitter.com/Tjwd1ldb4g

Learn more at http://music.unl.edu/camps  http://instagram.com/p/tDMuu3IqHM/ 

Christina Ensign @enSIGNhere: #unlarts GET PUMPED and be on the lookout for me posting clues to find neat prizes hidden around Westbrook and Kimball today! #UNL24 #GKSOM

Great Q&A with our Mark Clinton. Be sure to come tomorrow night to Kimball for his performance or via webcast. http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/what-we-do-is-an-art-glen-korff-pianist-says/article_4f516216-3e0e-11e4-985a-0017a43b2370.html 

Today is #UNL24 tell us why you love UNL and look for prizes around Westbrook and the Glenn Korff School of Music.

Thanks to everyone for attending the Chiara String Quartet performance #GKSOM


The former director of our School of Music has passed away. http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/obituaries/kerry-s-grant-ub-vice-provost-music-historian-20140911 

20th Century Brass Music For Quintet to be performed by University of Nebraska Brass Quintet http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/20th-century-brass-music-quintet-be-performed-university-nebraska-brass-quintet 

Watch it again...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQyJKUKp98w&list=UUlId1SsXjgL2QE14xvEZbcg 

Week ending September 14

A tremendous audience at the Chiara performance tonight! #gksom 

Thanks @GZLincoln for the story about our upcoming webcasts. http://journalstar.com/entertainment/music/unl-s-school-of-music-to-webcast-concerts/article_82af2267-771b-5e44-888b-f55380c49dcb.html …

The UNL Wind Ensemble and the UNL Vocal Jazz Ensemble make an appearance on Nebraska Concerts Sunday on NET Radio. http://netnebraska.org/basic-page/radio/nebraska-concerts-september … 

Chiara’s Sirota to perform ‘New Works for Viola’ solo recital #GKSOM http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/chiara%E2%80%99s-sirota-perform-%E2%80%98new-works-viola%E2%80%99-solo-recital …

@ChiaraQuartet: Greg's blog for Strad Magazine on "Playing by Heart!":http://thestrad.com/latest/blogs/performing-from-memory-has-given-our-string-quartet-new-life …

For a series of stories on our Chiara String Quartet, view the @DailyNeb http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/string-quartet-focuses-on-connection-not-formality/article_d1f24890-3966-11e4-8b76-0017a43b2370.html … 

Thanks Neighborhood Extra for the look ahead to our upcoming performances. http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/fun-and-fundraisers/music-concert-scene-heats-up-on-campus/article_0b0729e4-1bb2-588f-a6b0-c1eb238b32c5.html …

Great to see our climb in the national rankings. http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/unl-climbs-in-us-news-world-report-ranks/ … 

Cornhusker Marching Band Alumni Band @ Memorial Stadium http://instagram.com/p/sscJDcIqA0/ 

Cornhusker Marching Band McNeese State @ Memorial Stadium http://instagram.com/p/sscD3LoqAu/  

Our enrollment just went over 25K. Exciting news. http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/biggest-freshman-class-in-35-years-pushes-enrollment-past-25k/ …

We are definitely the Middle of Somewhere! Here's a nice story on our own Alisa Belflower. http://newmusicaltheatre.com/greenroom/2014/09/beyond-broadway-middle-somewhere/ …

Week ending September 7

Thanks @StarCityBuzz for sharing about Mark Clinton's upcoming performance. http://www.1011now.com/starcitybuzz/headlines/Clinton-to-Present-The-Poetry-and-Passion-of-the-Piano-274114051.html …

Faculty Jazz Ensemble Concert Sept. 16 to feature works performed on recent european tour http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/faculty-jazz-ensemble-concert-sept-16-feature-works-performed-recent-european-tour … #GKSOM

@UNLArts: The Cornhusker Marching Band proudly welcomes our band alumni this weekend! Halftime will feature Beatles music. Go Big Red! #UNLArts 

Clinton to present ‘The Poetry and Passion of the Piano’ http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/clinton-present-%E2%80%98-poetry-and-passion-piano%E2%80%99 …

Great insight from our own Chiara String Quartet @ChiaraQuartet http://www.violinist.com/blog/laurie/20149/16151/ …

Week ending August 31

Chiara String Quartet prepares for first performance of the season http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/chiara-string-quartet-prepares-first-performance-season …

See our own Molly Rezich in this new national ad for UNL! http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/new-national-ad-highlights-unl-students-potential/ …

Cornhusker Marching Band revamps pregame routine and a list of everyone in the band! #GKSOM #UNL #GBR http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/cornhusker-marching-band-revamps-pregame-routine/ …

If you tweet about a Glenn Korff School of Music event use the hashtag #GKSOM so we can follow along.

Read more about all of our activity on our blog with updates about Barnes @pbarnespianist and the Percussion Studio: http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog 

A day in the life of a Cornhusker Marching Band saxophone player http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-cornhusker-marching-band/article_d107729e-2e70-11e4-8b30-001a4bcf6878.html …

UNL marching band's uniforms tailored by couple for another year Read more: http://www.ketv.com/news/unl-marching-bands-uniforms-tailored-by-couple-for-another-year/27707562#ixzz3BVcjTvRF …

Here's a good story with our own (Steven Cohen) @nucorno http://www.siegfriedscall.com/pages/steven-cohen …

Glenn Korff School of Music to webcast concerts live http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/glenn-korff-school-of-music-to-webcast-concerts-live/article_5c4f33dc-2cbe-11e4-a974-001a4bcf6878.html …

New seats in Kimball Recital Hall and Webcasting! Great year ahead for us! http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/unls-glenn-korff-school-music-begins-webcasting-concerts-fall …

Cornhusker Marching Band Exhibition #unl #unlarts @ Memorial Stadium http://instagram.com/p/sImI45oqPx/ 

Community Piano Experience at UNL to begin http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/community-piano-experience-at-unl-to-begin/ …

Big Red Singers performance unlarts @unlincoln @ Westbrook Music Building http://instagram.com/p/sIK_s-IqCg/ 

Our own Angela Gilbert 'National, ‘Hair’-raising sensation' http://www.omaha.com/sarpy/ralston/national-hair--raising-sensation/article_003a0a11-b7d9-5605-b785-7d921db24a31.html …

A happy welcome back to all UNL students and especially our Glenn Korff School of Music students! Create. Perform. Achieve. #UNL #unlarts

Week ending August 24

Wow Big Red Welcome! Thousands of great conversations about the arts. #unl

Nice piece in today's Lincoln Journal Star on last night's Band Camp Exhibition. http://fb.me/3hdCZb1Hk 

Thanks Bob for the mention of the @UNLBands Cornhusker Marching Band exhibition performance...http://www.klkntv.com/story/722826/rooks-roundup …

Thanks for the coverage @DailyNeb Pennsylvania native finds home to continue passion for baton twirling dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/pennsylvania-native-finds-home-to-continue-passion-for-baton-twirling/article_85b2c384-28cb-11e4-94ba-0017a43b2370.html …

And for this story @DailyNeb on the Big Red Singers @BigRedSingers http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/non-music-majors-find-community-in-big-red-singers/article_fa25606a-28ca-11e4-baf6-0017a43b2370.html …

Here's your chance to learn more direct from Tony Falcone about Friday's Cornhusker Marching Band Exhibition http://www.1011now.com/video?videoid=2910652 …

Have you made your plans to attend Friday night's performance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyizY4KdKI0&feature=youtu.be …

Here's a look ahead at the fall semester (some exciting news inside): http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/new-era-coming-fall-glenn-korff-school-music …

Week ending August 17 

 East side of Westbrook signage completed. @ Westbrook Music Building http://instagram.com/p/ruqXsbIqAd/ 

 Singing and dancing...@BigRedSingers and a @GoPro http://youtu.be/y6LFvUvZTE0  #unlarts

 Big Red Singers take the stage on Saturday, August 23 http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/big-red-singers-take-stage-saturday-august-23 …

 Cornhusker Marching Band takes over Memorial Stadium http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/cornhusker-marching-band-takes-over-memorial-stadium …

 Here is a listing of all of our Fall performances in one spot! Mark it! http://events.unl.edu/music/upcoming/ 


Get an early look at the Cornhusker Marching Band! August 22! @UNLBands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyizY4KdKI0 …

 In the Spring of 2014, the Glenn Korff School of Music's Campus Band performed a concert titled "Nteractions". Watch: http://mediahub.unl.edu/media/3820 

Four Glenn Korff School of Music Students Receive Recognition at NATS National Conference Read More: music.unl.edu

 Skyros Quartet @SkyrosQuartet -- Check out the brand new 
http://www.skyrosquartet.com !!!

99 students from 32 schools are a part of our middle school band camp creating a full stage in Kimball Recital Hall  #UNLSummerBandCamps

Paul Haar @unlsaxophone -- We had a wonderful performance at the United Nations. Well received by everyone in attendance.

Not a music major at #UNL? Come be a part of one of our ensembles. 
http://arts.unl.edu/music/ensembles  #UNLarts

Digital arts @UNLDigitalarts -- Brian Moore is teaching Logic Pro X in our Digital Arts Summer camp! #unlarts

 Pete Eklund @pete_eklund -- Playing the organ during concert at Notre Dame in Paris. Woohoo.


Read summer updates about Gilmore, Eklund, McCollum, Knecht, Potter and more...http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog

Diane Cawein Barger @dclarinetlady  -- The review of my CD "BlingBling" is in the June issue of the ICA journal, "The Clarinet", pp. 94-95! #unlarts

ChiaraStringQuartet @ChiaraQuartet -- Tonight is one of our favorite events at UNL's chamber music institute: 
composers' concert!  Can't wait to hear the premieres!  #UNLarts

 Riley Peters @RileyPeters2 -- Best camp ever and best week of my life #nebraskashowchoircamp #bigredsingers

Ali Spurgin @SpurginAli -- Danced on the Lied Center Stage!!! #BetterThanChristmas

Lied Center @LiedCenter -- We work to bring master classes to Lincoln and help budding performers work with 

professionals. #arteducation

John Richmond @JohnWRichmond2 -- Wrapping up the important work of the NASM Commission on Accreditation in Reston, VA. Honored to serve!

 Exciting news in #UNL Today about @UNLSoMusic's  Dr. Fuelberth's grant from the Cooper Foundation!

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