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Ann Chang and Rebecca Fischer
Clark Potter, Jamie Reimer and Mark Clinton performing on the Kimball Hall Stage
image of winter winds concert ensemble
images of female composers
Dr. William McMullen
UNL Symphony Orchestra
UNL Jazz Orchestra
Cocoa and Carols at Kimball Recital Hall
Student Dance Project Fall 2015 poster
Don Giovani poster
UNL Faculty Jazz Ensemble
Karen Becker and Mark Clinton
UNL Chamber Singers
UNL Jazz Orchestra
UNL Jazz Poster
Cornhusker Marching Band
UNL Wind Ensemble Performs on Kimball Stage
Mark Clinton Performs on Kimball Stage
Jeff McCray Performs on Kimball Stage
The Cornhusker Marching Band performing at Memorial Stadium
Glenn Korff School of Music Director John Richmond, Rhonda and James Seacrest, University of Nebraska Foundation's Lucy Buntain Comine and Hixson-Lied Endowed Dean Charles O'Connor with vocal music students and faculty on Aug. 24
CMI Performers on Kimball Stage
Ann Chang and Rebecca Fischer

Week ending in February 7

The @JournalStarNews did a story about Denny Schneider today. Thanks @LJSjeffkorbelik for the thoughtfulness. #unl



We are saddened to hear about the passing of Denny Schneider earlier this week. http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/long-time-unl-music-educator-schneider-passes-away 


Just two weeks away from our production of Tales of Hoffmann! http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/unl-opera%E2%80%99s-tales-hoffmann-coming-kimball-stage 


Have you signed up yet for our audition days in February? #gksom



Thanks for the story Neighborhood Extra on the upcoming Fischer/Chang collaboration on Tuesday: http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/fun-and-fundraisers/unl-s-fischer-chang-collaborate-to-present-close-to-the/article_05b723aa-f099-5bf5-9d3e-9935a088b971.html 


It's getting close to just two weeks away from the opening night of Tales of Hoffmann. Purchase you tickets online: http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=747&tnewq=31214c39-7135-4643-a9d4-a45603501318&tnewp=b2997f89-9194-41da-a944-6d983297b44b&tnewts=1453495599&tnewc=liedcenter&tnewe=onedaysale012216&tnewrt=Safetynet&tnewh=37d387f03692f34eee8c7c64465c2aec 


Thanks @DailyNeb for this story on John Bailey! #gksom  #unl



Thank you to everyone who watched the Clark Potter recital via webcast! A combined over 2,500 minutes streamed! #unl


Enjoy these photos too from Sunday's Clark Potter performance: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1037562962976124.1073741964.387087871356973&type=3&uploaded=18 


Enjoy these photos from the Chiara String Quartet performance on Friday night. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1037550752977345.1073741963.387087871356973&type=1 


Week ending in January 31

Here's the interview with members of the Chiara String Quartet if you didn't get to listen in live @NETNebraska: http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/none/friday-live-plaids-chiara-hal-haloun-and-more 


Register today for Midwest ClariFest coming in March to the Glenn Korff School of Music! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CCyzrdlg4iYZNQSUbXtgieM6U2vqWFl7TZjFzJca83U/viewform 


Here's a link to register for next week's Double Reed Day! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D9gyddQbRkT67WIvBq-PGfRGHYPhwFWG3QptBkFcXys/viewform 


Thanks @DailyNeb of our own J.R. Brinkman 'Fueled by childhood tragedy, music major finds solace in composition' http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/fueled-by-childhood-tragedy-music-major-finds-solace-in-composition/article_a6273c0e-c62b-11e5-88a1-ff0a063034af.html#utm_source=dailynebraskan.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline 


Friday Live Extra featuring our own Clark Potter #gksom  #unl



Exciting news for one of our alums, Michael Reichman! @ReichmanMichael



The @DailyNeb wrote a nice piece about our own Jade Thompson this morning: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/transfer-student-finds-passion-in-music-production/article_551bb97c-c566-11e5-874a-67284392c670.html#utm_source=dailynebraskan.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline 


Tickets for Tales of Hoffman can also be purchased online as well as calling the Lied Center Box Office: http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=747&tnewq=31214c39-7135-4643-a9d4-a45603501318&tnewp=b2997f89-9194-41da-a944-6d983297b44b&tnewts=1453495599&tnewc=liedcenter&tnewe=onedaysale012216&tnewrt=Safetynet&tnewh=37d387f03692f34eee8c7c64465c2aec 


Thank you @UNLArts for the tremendous story on our upcoming opera -- The Tales of Hoffmann. http://newsroom.unl.edu/announce/artsatunl/4911/28355 


UNL’s Fischer, Chang collaborate to present ‘Close to the Heart’ http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/unl%E2%80%99s-fischer-chang-collaborate-present-%E2%80%98close-heart%E2%80%99 


 Clark Potter's performance is coming up on Sunday and the @JournalStarNews Neighborhood Extra brings you a preview: http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/fun-and-fundraisers/viola-professor-to-present-program-sunday/article_7388136b-8fb4-54fe-a380-d4b1568d0ef2.html 


Celebration of American Song will appeal to feminists and Broadway musical fans alike. http://bit.ly/1ZY7YuU 


Interested in registering for our Summer Classes? Click here and scroll down...http://arts.unl.edu/music 


Thanks for the story @JournalStarNews about tonight's A Celebration of American Song http://journalstar.com/entertainment/music/unl-celebrates-women-composers-in-american-song/article_62faf919-411e-5098-bf50-e559b07d7660.html 


We've added a few updates to our blog this morning including news on John W. Richmond, Jeffrey McCray, Donna Harler. http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog 

Week ending in January 24

We hope you enjoyed last night's performance by Kevin Hanrahan and guests. Here are some photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1032416776824076.1073741959.387087871356973&type=3&uploaded=6 


Listen to a half-hour interview by Dale Johnson of KFOR with Dr. John W. Richmond, “Does Music Make You Smarter?” http://www.kfor1240.com/pages/4463324.php 


Register here today for our Midwest ClariFest! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CCyzrdlg4iYZNQSUbXtgieM6U2vqWFl7TZjFzJca83U/viewform 


Register today for our Double Reed Day coming up on February 6. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D9gyddQbRkT67WIvBq-PGfRGHYPhwFWG3QptBkFcXys/viewform 


We have nearly 50 students in Westbrook today auditioning to be a part of the Glenn Korff School of Music! #unl


Welcome to Audition Days! Follow the story on our snapchat: unlgksom


Bailey presents ‘Flute Music of Paul Hindemith’ #gksom



Thanks @JournalStarNews and Neighborhood Extra for the story on Dave Hall's upcoming performance! #gksom



UNL’s Potter presents ‘The Viola in Unusual Combinations’ http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/unl%E2%80%99s-potter-presents-%E2%80%98-viola-unusual-combinations%E2%80%99  


Here are some photos from last night's performance by William McMullen. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1031052836960470.1073741958.387087871356973&type=3&uploaded=9 


Chiara to perform The Adolf Busch Legacy http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/chiara-perform-adolf-busch-legacy 


Here are the results from the Midwest Cup! http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/resonance-lincoln-southwest-high-school-captures-midwest-cup 


Midwest Cup -- We know that you've been looking for some photos from this event #unl  #gksom



Thanks for the article @DailyNeb about our upcoming Winter Festival: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/unl-to-host-workshop-festival-for-high-school-musicians/article_7f8b89c6-be54-11e5-907e-879ee4ad8b60.html 

Week ending in January 17

Here is William McMullen's appearance on @NETNebraska



Celebration of American Song to feature female composers, lyricists #gksom



Our first audition weekend is next weekend! Be sure to sign up for your spot today! http://arts.unl.edu/music/undergraduate-audition-request-form-music-dance 


Have you signed up for our Double Reed Day? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D9gyddQbRkT67WIvBq-PGfRGHYPhwFWG3QptBkFcXys/viewform 


Our own William McMullen makes an appearance on Friday Live! this morning! Tune in around 9 a.m. http://netnebraska.org/basic-page/culture/friday-live-arts-magazine 


Our Music Library’s website recently received a facelift! Check out our new interface at: http://libraries.unl.edu/music-library 


“Attention UNL String Players (especially violins): the UNL Orchestras want you,” Contact twhite1@unl.edu or 402-472-7698


Thanks for the story @JournalStarNews and Neighborhood Extra on the McMullen recital: http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/news/faculty-oboe-recital-tuesday/article_522c610e-78d6-5135-9f1a-083b9cd9e0c4.html 


Thanks for the story @DailyNeb about the upcoming Midwest Cup! http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/big-red-singers-to-host-midwest-cup-show-choir-invitational/article_21d4a28c-b9a8-11e5-823d-bb46a7a3c280.html#utm_source=dailynebraskan.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline 


Hall’s performance to span all corners of the world #gksom



The Philharmonia performance scheduled for April 8 in Westbrook and listed on the Calendar of Events calendars has been cancelled.


Here is student Hattie Bestul's December performance that was live webcast. #gksom



Week ending in January 10

There are two more performances in the 10th anniversary season of the Chiara String Quartet. Get your tickets now: http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=677 


It's a great time to schedule your audition! http://arts.unl.edu/music/undergraduate-audition-request-form-music-dance 


Something old, something new, something bold and something blue #gksom  #unlarts



ICYMI: Dr. Richmond @JohnWRichmond2 talked about the #gksom on @MomsEveryday with @TarynVanderford



The Calendar of Events is also all online or you can also download a pdf at this link: http://arts.unl.edu/music/full-event-calendar  #gksom


Here is a current, confirmed listing of all of our webcast performances this semester: http://arts.unl.edu/music/webcasts 

#gksom  #unlarts


Thanks for the mentions @LJSjeffkorbelik and @GZLincoln

http://journalstar.com/entertainment/performing-arts/carson-gift-tops-performing-arts-news/article_67c2f3e5-10d3-5e1a-b173-0a6681a496cc.html  It was a good year!


@DougBush2: Nice when folks recognize your work. I thought UCLA's Band sounded great! Letter, 1/4: Salute to marching band http://journalstar.com/news/opinion/mailbag/article_9607e4b5-4df2-593e-8be8-d412063337bb.html 


.@FosterFarmsBowl vs. UCLA. Photos by Rose Johnson/Glenn Korff School of Music. More photos: https://www.facebook.com/UnlSchoolOfMusic/ 


4th quarter energy #FFBowl #huskers  #CMB2SFO


We have all arrived at @LevisStadium

@FosterFarmsBowl  @UNLBands #CMB2SFO


We are on our way to some pep rallies prior to the @FosterFarmsBowl @Huskers @UNLBands #CMB2SFO


We spent the afternoon exploring the city and now are getting ready to have a big meal together. #CMB2SFO


Great rehearsal at terra nova high school. #CMB2SFO @UNLBands


We are out to find our way to #CMB2SFO


The Cornhusker Marching Band is prepping to travel to the @FosterFarmsBowl follow their time at #CMB2SFO


Congrats to all of the December #UNL graduates. Check out the full list here: http://go.unl.edu/dgqx 


Did you get a chance to watch our Student Dance Project yet? If not, here's your chance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76VvCMtc_Yk  @danceUNL


Here's a blog update about our own DMA student Sarah Cosano: http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog/sarah-cosano-0 


There are many great parts about hosting a booth. One of the best is the Alumni pride and getting to put an N on their badge @midwestclinic


 Exciting to see UNL alumnus (trombone) Karl Lyden playing with the cast of Lazarus on @colbertlateshow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_3mEWx2e_8 


A reminder that our Calendar of Events booklet is for the entire school year this year. http://arts.unl.edu/music/full-event-calendar 


We now have over 200 subscribers to our youtube page. We post prior webcasts as well as other informational videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/UNLSoMusic


Here is the UNL Jazz Orchestra and UNL Big Band performance that took place on December 10 via live webcast. #unl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50BFi6CYg00 


We will have one position available for new MM or DMA wind band conducting majors in the Fall of 2016. http://arts.unl.edu/music/graduate-application-guide 


At @midwestclinic we are booth 892! Hope to see you either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday or maybe all of the days! #unl


We are announcing two tenure-track faculty searches in UNL's Glenn Korff School of Music #music #jobs #unlarts https://employment.unl.edu/postings/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=music&query_v0_posted_at_date=&query_position_type_id=&query_organizational_tier_3_id=any&1257=&1258=&1259=&commit=Search 

Week ending in December 13

UNL Color Guard: Highlights concert was a success. Next stop Santa Clara, California to cheer on the Huskers. 

Andrew Wolf: @UNLBands fantastic show tonight #GoBigRed #GoBigBand

Glenn Korff School of Music Director John W. Richmond appeared on Mom's Everyday. Here is a link to his interview. http://www.momseveryday.com/lincoln/familyfun/Glenn_Korff_School_of_Music_309380281.html 

We are pleased to share 'Westbrook After Dark' by our own Andrew Janak #UNL #unlarts @andrewjanak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHycPF9rSDI 

Thank you all for watching the live stream of the Jazz performance last night. It's now this semester's 2nd highest minutes watched event

Hattie: @Hbmadsounds: Today's the dayyyyy. Bach, Brahms, (B)Francaix, Bolcom 

We hope you enjoy the Symphonic Band performance from earlier this week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8lWVdahUVs  @UNLBands

.@danceUNL put on an amazing performance last week! The Student Dance Project was an overwhelming success. Watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76VvCMtc_Yk 

We hope you enjoy this story as much as we do on our Kate Johnson. #opera #music #unlarts http://go.unl.edu/jarc  

Relive the Cornhusker Marching Band trip to Illinois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHbA6aqq3-M 

The Student Dance Project @danceUNL webcast Saturday night was streamed for nearly 3,500 minutes! Second highest number this semester!

Here are some photos from Sunday's performance of Cocoa and Carols #unl: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1007209352678152.1073741948.387087871356973&type=3&uploaded=41  

Week ending in December 6

Cocoa and carols!! Wonderful job everyone!!! thank you Peter Eklund. #cocoaandcarols

Here is Paul Haar's appearance on Friday Live. #unl His interview starts at the 51:15 mark: http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/none/friday-live-afia-nathaniel-fun-pianos-lso-and-more  

We hope you have purchased your tickets for a week from Saturday in the Lied #huskers #GBR @UNLBands @hankbounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaTlP93VFQo 

Big Red Singers & Vocal Jazz close out the Fall semester performances #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/big-red-singers-vocal-jazz-close-out-fall-semester-performances 

Big Bands tribute concert coming up on December 10 http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/big-bands-tribute-concert-coming-december-10  #unlarts #jazz #lnk

Musical Theatre Showcase coming to Westbrook http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/musical-theatre-showcase-coming-westbrook  #unlarts 

Trumpet Studio performance #unlarts See more photos on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/UnlSchoolOfMusic/  

Want to see some photos from the Cornhusker Marching Band from this past weekend's game against Iowa? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1003741523024935.1073741943.387087871356973&type=3 

Week ending in November 29

Nebraska Young Artist Award applications for Nebraska high school juniors due Dec. 11 #unlarts



Alumni Award nominations due Dec. 11 #unlarts



Enjoy this performance by the UNL Guitar Ensemble #unlarts  #guitar  #music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmpTqrAEULw 


UNL Symphonic Band presents Musica Sacra #unlarts



UNL Wind Ensemble presents Light and Shadow #unlarts



Hans Sturm was named the ASTA Private Studio Teacher of the year. http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog/hans-sturm 


Cocoa and Carols takes over Kimball on Dec. 6 with two performances #unlarts  #unl



The Cornhusker Marching Band Highlights Concert returns to the Lied Center for Performing Arts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaTlP93VFQo 

Week ending in November 22

Our YouTube channel has been viewed in 149 countries! With the second most popular viewing country being Japan! https://www.youtube.com/user/UNLSoMusic


Chamber Singers to provide festive music at Sheldon Museum of Art #unlarts



Here's a link to the UNL Guitar Ensemble interview on Friday Live! The interview is at 9:30. #unlarts



Student Dance Project coming to Mabel Lee Hall in December #unl  #unlarts



Paul Barnes @pbarnespianist: New Generations is released! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/digital-booklet-new-generations/id1054659002?i=1057732964 


In town #LNK for #NMEA2015, learn more about auditioning for the Glenn Korff School of Music http://arts.unl.edu/music/undergraduate-audition-information 


So much activity in and around the Glenn Korff School of Music with our students and faculty. #unl Read about it: http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog 


UNL Percussion Ensemble to perform ‘(De)Constructions’ #unlarts



Trumpet Studio takes center stage in Westbrook #unlarts



Learn more about the UNL/LPS String Project: http://arts.unl.edu/music/string-project 


Purchase your tickets in the Lied for the Cornhusker Marching Band Highlights Concert on Dec. 12: http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/SYOS.aspx?p=708 


IHCA results from August competition announced http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/ihca-results-august-competition-announced 


Here is a review of the #UNLOpera Don Giovanni! Thanks @GZLincoln


Week ending in November 15

@hornocopia: When you're getting dragged into hell but you gotta finish your aria #UNLOpera #dongiovanni

Trumpets take center stage for White performance in Kimball #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/trumpets-take-center-stage-white-performance-kimball  

@Emily22lovelife: Normally I'm not super into opera but all the live tweeting right now really makes me want to go see it

@DougBush2: That Don Giovanni is slippery. Wonder if it's going to catch up to him? #unlopera

@SOSchneider: We have so many talented musicians in the #GlennKorffSchoolofMusic #UNLOpera

@RyleywithaY: Shoutout to all of my SAI sisters involved in the opera who are on stage now! #UNLOpera


Listen to our own William Shomos talk about Don Giovanni on Arts on the Air #unlarts #unlopera https://soundcloud.com/kzum/arts-on-the-air-11515-first-friday-fashion-the-things-they-carried-unl-opera?in=kzum/sets/arts-on-the-air 

Three UNL Brass Ensembles perform on one night in Westbrook #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/three-unl-brass-ensembles-perform-one-night-westbrook 

In town for NMEA next week, we hope you can attend our luncheon. Tickets will be available at our booth. 

Be sure to follow #UNLOpera tonight as a group of us will live tweet from the dress rehearsal. 

@Chiara Quartet: Thanks to the @NewYorker for mentioning our concert! http://www.newyorker.com/goings-on-about-town/classical-music/chiara-string-quartet-and-simone-dinnerstein 

Glenn Korff School of Music pleased to announce appointments to endowed professorships #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/glenn-korff-school-music-pleased-announce-appointments-endowed-professorships 

Watch the video of the Cornhusker Marching Band that over 20,000 have viewed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_JqEXJjXnA&app=desktop 

Guest artist High to perform in Westbrook #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/guest-artist-high-perform-westbrook 

ICYMI: A story with our own Glenn Nierman #unl #unlarts: http://journalstar.com/news/local/education/unl-music-prof-a-maestro-at-advocating-for-the-arts/article_0722554b-f9e9-5735-bda7-298ff21f1229.html 

Here are some photos from the Cornhusker Marching Band performance at the Michigan State game. #unlarts https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.993264930739261.1073741935.387087871356973&type=3&uploaded=37 

Week ending in November 8

The end of the Michigan state game through the eyes and emotions of the Cornhusker Marching band. Must watch! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r_JqEXJjXnA 


Way to go #Huskers and the @UNLBands !!!


Paul Haar of the Faculty Jazz Ensemble was on today's Friday Live! His segment starts at the 18:16 mark. #unlarts



A group of us will be live tweeting the dress rehearsal from the UNL Opera's Don Giovanni Wednesday night #UNLOpera


Learn more about our Tavlin Fellowship in Jazz Trumpet. #unlarts



UNL Solo Competition winners announced #unlarts



Moran Woodwind Quintet will perform wide range at recital #unlarts



Congrats to Hannah Bell -- winner of MTNA Young Artist Competition #unlarts



Learn more about our Winter Festival...http://www.unl.edu/band/winter-festival-winds-and-percussion 


GKSOM students have strong showing at NATS West Central Auditions #unl  #unlarts



New York’s John Ellis to perform saxophone recital in Westbrook #unl  #unlarts



Get your ticket for the Cornhusker Marching Band Highlights Concert in the Lied! http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/SYOS.aspx?p=708 


Since June, our webcasts have already been live streamed over 40,000 minutes! Incredible! Thanks for watching!


Interested in auditioning for us? http://arts.unl.edu/music/undergraduate-audition-request-form-music-dance 


UNL Opera will boldly perform Mozart’s Don Giovanni #unlarts



Join over 500 people who receive updates about the Glenn Korff School of Music through our e-newsletter: http://arts.unl.edu/music/newsletter 


Don Giovanni set going up in Kimball #unlarts @ Kimball Recital Hall https://instagram.com/p/9mQjpboqHC/ 

Week ending in November 1

Becker, Clinton present works by two American Composers #unlarts



UNL Faculty Jazz Ensemble takes Westbrook stage November 9 #unl  #unlarts



Barnes releases new CD titled "New Generations" #unl  #unlarts



Our Fall Opera, Don Giovanni, will take the stage in two weeks. Purchase your tickets: http://tickets.liedcenter.org/single/PSDetail.aspx?psn=674 


Watch this performance from the UNL Chamber Singers from this past Sunday at @SheldonMuseum  #unl  #unlarts



Starting to load Kimball for Don Giovanni. Two weeks out. You can buy your tickets online through the… https://instagram.com/p/9eORiAIqFZ/ 


Sign up for free to become part of our Loyalty Rewards Card program: http://arts.unl.edu/music/rewards 


@JohnWRichmond2: We are considering transformational change in the @UNLSomusic this week. #epic  #essential  #overdue @UNLArts  #BuildingImagination!


Find out more about the UNL/LPS String Project. #unl  #unlarts



ICYMI: Here is the Chiara String Quartet on Friday Live @NETNebraska



Very cool to see the UNL Wind Ensemble on the front page of David Maslanka's web page. #unlarts  #unl



UNL Graduate Jazz Combos performing in Westbrook on November 8 #unlarts


Week ending in October 25


Watch a live webcast of the @ChiaraQuartet tonight @ 7:30pm CT http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/television/glenn-korff-school-music-chiara-string-quartet-kimball-recital 

@UNLSomusic  #StringQuartet


Thanks for the story @UNLNews about the Chamber Singers performance at Sheldon on Sunday. It will be live webcast! http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/chamber-singers-to-perform-at-the-sheldon/ 


What's it like to travel and perform as a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band to an away game? Watch this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHbA6aqq3-M 


We hosted our fifth annual Bass Day on Saturday. Photo by Cahner Olson/Glenn Korff school of music.… https://instagram.com/p/9BR23wIqOC/ 


Thanks for the story @JournalStarNews on our own Glenn Nierman. #unlarts #unl



The recap video of the Cornhusker Marching Band Trip to Illinois is coming soon! #CMB2Illinois

Week ending in October 18

Have you registered for our Winter Festival? http://www.unl.edu/band/winter-festival-winds-and-percussion 


Met Museum to Feature Chiara String Quartet as Part of MET MUSEUM PRESENTS, 11/13 http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwart/article/Met-Museum-to-Feature-Chiara-String-Quartet-as-Part-of-MET-MUSEUM-PRESENTS-1113-20151014 


Get your ticket(s) today for UNL Opera's Don Giovanni! #unlarts  #unl



Here is a gallery of photos from the UNL Big Band and Jazz Orchestra performance #unlarts



UNL’s Kate Butler will perform at Ebenezer Church #unlarts



Chamber Singers open season in Sheldon Museum of Art #unlarts @SheldonMuseum



Thanks for the story @UNLNews about the University Singers upcoming performance in the Newman Center. http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/university-singers-to-perform-at-the-newman-center/ 


Here is a link to the UNL Wind Ensemble performance from earlier this month. #unlarts



University of Nebraska Brass Quintet preps for October 26 performance #unlarts



Our own Tyler White was on Arts on the Air in preview of the concert last week. Listen in around the 19:00 mark. http://kzum.org/index.php/arts-on-the-air/ 

Week ending in October 11

Chiara String Quartet to perform ‘Chiara Soiree’ in a couple of weeks #unlarts



Here is Chris Varga's Student Showcase Recital from earlier this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2JAnPudG7c 


Thanks everyone for watching last night's Wind Ensemble performance via live webcast....over 6,000 minutes streamed! #unlarts  #unl


This week’s CMB Halftime is: The Chairman of the Board: Frank Sinatra Centennial, arranged by our own John Kosch http://arts.unl.edu/music/blog/john-kosch 


‘Kick-Off’ concert to Jazz season; New Jazz Fronts to debut #unlarts



Here is a gallery of photos from last night's Wind Ensemble performance #unlarts




We hope you enjoy this performance from Kevin Hanrahan and Jamie Reimer from last month in Kimball #unlarts



Chiara String Quartet to perform ‘Chiara Soiree’ #unlarts



Don't forget to register for our upcoming Bass Day: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10cIRMr_kIhpWCYVUZ1bWDDti0jVPUIBC7mcfOrWqMtM/viewform 


University Singers to perform at UNL Newman Center in mid-October #unlarts



Punch Brothers with some of students following a Q&A last week at the Lied Center. Thank you for the… https://instagram.com/p/8eNXSIIqJP/ 


Photo of the day of the Cornhusker Marching Band from the Illinois game. See more on our Facebook page. https://instagram.com/p/8eNKCEoqI1/ 


Here is a review of a recent performance by our own @ChiaraQuartet in the @nytimesarts


Week ending in October 4

We are home. #CMB2Illinois

Watch as @UNLBands @UNLSomusic pump up #Husker fans @IlliniFootball game. #HuskerNation #GBR 

Thanks for the great hospitality @MarchingIllini @Illinois_Alma #CMB2Illinois from all of us.

On our way to the stadium. #CMB2Illinois 

@BarryLHouser: Very excited to welcome our friends from Nebraska, the @UNLBands Cornhusker Marching Band! A B1G ILLINOIS welcome!!!

@UNLTrumpets: Thanks to the @ZumSouth Band for allowing us use of your field! Keep rocking it, trumpet section! #CMB2Illinois 

LIVE on #Periscope: Fort Zumwalt south #cmb2illinois

@UNLFlagline: Illinois here we come! Excited to cheer on the Huskers tomorrow. #CMB2Illinois #busbutt

Follow the Cornhusker Marching Band's trip to Illinois through the hashtag: #CMB2Illinois

We will be traveling with the Cornhusker Marching Band to the game at Illinois. We will be tweeting all weekend. #unl #unlarts

Cornhusker Marching Band traveling to Illinois game to perform #unlarts #unl

An Afternoon of Choirs takes the stage on October 11 #unlarts

We hope you enjoy this performance by Jeff McCray from earlier this semester #unlarts: https://youtu.be/1wPQljORsJk 

On this #NationalCoffeeDay, here's your
winner! @HuskerCorno 

Moran Woodwind Quintet to perform in North Platte. #unlarts

Have you met Lauren yet? #unlarts

Thanks for attending the Chiara performance on Friday night. Here are some photos from the performance. #unlarts

Week ending in September 27

UNL Bass Day is less than a month away. #unlarts Be sure to sign up today: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10cIRMr_kIhpWCYVUZ1bWDDti0jVPUIBC7mcfOrWqMtM/viewform 


Here is the Chiara's Jonah Sirota appearance (46:50 mark) on Friday Live this morning @NETNebraska

#unlarts http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/none/friday-live-bob-byington-pauley-and-hubbard-lectures-and-more 


Congrats to Sam! #unlarts



Jamie Reimer and Kevin Hanrahan performed in Kimball last night. To see more photos visit our… https://instagram.com/p/8DgyKHIqHR/ 


Contemporary Music Ensemble performance to explore wide range #unlarts



Be sure to bookmark for a list of our live webcasts! #unlarts



UNL Wind Ensemble presents ‘Unending Stream of Life’ Concert @UNLBands

#unlarts It will be live webcast http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/unl-wind-ensemble-presents-%E2%80%98unending-stream-life%E2%80%99-concert 


The Cornhusker Marching Band returns to Memorial Stadium this weekend! Halftime is all about Super Heroes! #unlarts


Sturm’s recital to feature 1960s and 70s overlooked jazz gems #unlarts  @hanssturm  @tlarson3



Glenn Korff Day was a wonderful day! So great to share the Glenn Korff story with our amazing students. #unlarts



Students and teachers across the great state of Nebraska! Don't miss out on this great opportunity! #lnk



Thanks @UNLArts for the great story about our own Jamie Reimer and Kevin Hanrahan! http://newsroom.unl.edu/announce/artsatunl/4575/25907 


Welcome to the #FirstDayOfFall to all of our students, future students, faculty, staff and alumni! It's turning into a beautiful day #LNK


Learn more about our Winter Festival for Winds and Percussion and how you can be a part of it #unl  #unlarts



Thanks for pushing us over over 10,000 views and in 67 countries! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVHa3TaFXaE 

Week ending in September 20

Bass Day is coming up in about a month at #unl Be sure to register today! #unlarts



Here are some photos from last night's performance by Mark Clinton. #unlarts



We know you can't get enough of #UNLTubaDay! Here's our GoPro version thanks to Matt Smoot @Smatt_Moot #unl



We hope you can attend one of our upcoming performances #unlarts



Here is a gallery of photos of the Cornhusker Marching Band as part of the South Alabama game. @UNLBands  #unlarts



View a gallery of photos of @hankbounds meeting the CMB prior to Saturday's game. @UNLBands



Thanks @JournalStarNews for the story on #UNLTubaDay



The @DailyNeb did a story about #UNLTubaDay. Thanks! http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/cornhusker-marching-band-s-first-tuba-day-interests-musicians/article_c3305c22-5a83-11e5-8a57-4b4385e62b24.html 


#UNLTubaDay was an overwhelming success! Here is the end of halftime for you to enjoy! @UNLBands  #unl  #huskers


Week ending in September 13

@UNLTrumpets: "We're about to find out what 68 tubas sound like." @DougBush2

#UNLTubaDay  #Huskers


@UNLTubas: Its tuba day. #UNLTUBADAY


@UNLRank: Yeah, it's pretty clear. They ain't no size 2. But they can tuba tuba like they're supposed to do. #UNLTubaDay


@Tony_Falcone: It's TUBA DAY @UNLSomusic! @UNLBands @DougBush2 #UNLTubaDay


We are excited for the entire CMB today but especially the @UNLTubas! Make us proud on #UNLTubaDay  @UNLincoln  @UNLBands


Glenn Korff Day. #unlarts @ UNL Glenn Korff School of Music https://instagram.com/p/7gXJ86IqCb/ 


Jeffrey McCray Recital. See more photos on our Facebook page. @ Kimball Recital Hall https://instagram.com/p/7gSS0GoqI9/ 


Chiara String Quartet’s opening concert set for September 25 #unlarts @ChiaraQuartet



Collaboration key in upcoming vocal recital #unlarts



Here's a video that was played as part of Glenn Korff Day today. #unlarts #unl



Here is video of when the Cornhusker Marching Band performed for Glenn at his house in 2013. http://mediahub.unl.edu/media/3573 


Here are some photos from the Cornhusker Marching Band and the Alumni Band at the BYU game. #unlarts  https://goo.gl/mPPd0Q 


Thanks to the visionary gift from Glenn Korff we are able to do live webcasting of many of our events. #unl #unlarts



Tuba Day is getting closer! Here's a nice story by @UNLNews about it! #unlarts



It's Excellence in Education! Thanks @MsCon248 and @Channel8ABC for this story on the Cornhusker Marching Band. http://www.klkntv.com/category/190066/klkn-channel-8-video?clipId=11833269&topVideoCatNo=297348&autoStart=true 


Welcome to Glenn Korff Day! #unl #unlarts


@MsCon248: The @UNLBands is much more than playing an instrument. Here's today's 'Excellence in Education' report. http://www.klkntv.com/story/29992434/skills-learned-in-unl-band-have-great-impact 


Ambassador Sarah Bigge is taking over the Instagram account: https://instagram.com/unlsofmusic/ 

@DougBush2: UNL 2015 All About That Funk with Lots of Tubas: http://youtu.be/tDqLvoKtCOM?a  via @YouTube


LIVE on #Periscope: Cornhusker marching band https://www.periscope.tv/w/aL7WcDEzMDA5MDI4fDFPd3hXakx2YXJWSlFuujaEpQ7yt7NU6PyhRmg5dFM5Lfm6PWo09L_FPCzmiQ== 

Week ending in September 6

@hankbounds: @JohnWRichmond2 @UNLSomusic

@UNLBands, I was proud! In fact, I would like to meet the band in person at next week's game! Let's arrange it!

 @ChiaraQuartet: We're thrilled to launch our beautiful new website - check it out! http://www.chiaraquartet.net 


Here's an update to our blog with Jamie Reimer #unlarts



Thanks for the follow @hankbounds Here's some Glenn Korff School of Music #music for you, our Faculty Jazz Ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvwpk3Rix40 


Very cool promo with the @bigten Marching Bands and the Cornhusker Marching Band @Tony_Falcone @DougBush2 #unlarts



Cornhusker Marching Band going world wide! Thanks #unl @Tony_Falcone @DougBush2



Our own Mark Clinton will present Three Musical Postcards from Vienna #unlarts



Scott Anderson's faculty recital is coming up in just two weeks. We hope you can join us. #unlarts



@UNLincoln: Are you a Future #Husker? The #UNL Fall 2016 application is now available ›› http://go.unl.edu/apply 


Our cast videos are now available! Here is the one for music with Lauren http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/featured-student/lauren 

and here is the one for dance with Kelli! http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/featured-student/kelli  

Thanks for the article @DailyNeb on our Eph Ehly, Earl "Pete" Jenkins Endowed Visiting Choral Artist #unlarts



Sign along to the Fight Songs this Saturday when the #huskers kick off the season against BYU! http://www.unl.edu/band/songs.shtml 


Did you know that the Glenn Korff School of Music has an e-newsletter? Sign up for it here: http://arts.unl.edu/music/newsletter 

Week ending in August 30

Welcome back and we hope you had a great first week! #unlarts #unl https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.958660327533055.1073741909.387087871356973&type=3 


McCray’s faculty performance will be his birthday celebration #unlarts #lnk http://arts.unl.edu/music/news/mccray%E2%80%99s-faculty-performance-will-be-his-birthday-celebration 


Our own Paul @pbarnespianist will be on @NETNebraska this morning Friday Live! http://netnebraska.org/basic-page/culture/friday-live-arts-magazine 


Welcome everyone attending the International Horn Competition of America #unlarts


Great new review for PARMA artists @SkyrosQuartet from our friends at Gapplegate http://classicalmodernmusic.blogspot.com/2015/08/skyros-quartet-introspective-odyssey.html 


Thank you Neighborhood Extra for the story about our fall season. #unlarts http://journalstar.com/niche/neighborhood-extra/fun-and-fundraisers/create-perform-achieve-at-the-glenn-korff-school-of-music/article_87fc7a01-3b49-5c49-b362-287d1b4a1368.html 


Thrilled with this major gift from James and Rhonda Seacrest for Nebraska opera outreach! #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/hlfpa/news/glenn-korff-school-music-receives-major-gift-james-and-rhonda-seacrest-nebraska-opera 


Become a Loyalty Rewards Card member today! #unlarts http://arts.unl.edu/music/rewards 


Welcome back! We hope you had fun learning more about the Glenn Korff School of Music and playing… https://instagram.com/p/6xo_dRIqDl/ 

Week ending in June 14

Great update from Dr. Carolyn Barber #unl about the band program. #gksom



UNL hosts 11th annual Chamber Music Institute #unl  #gksom



Read an uppdate to our blog about Zach Paris. #gksom



Our Faculty Jazz Ensemble will be featured on June 16 #jazzinjune



Young cellist hopes to fill Lincoln venues with new music #gksom



On this Glenn Korff's birth date, we are so profoundly grateful to carry on his spirit: http://arts.unl.edu/music/about-glenn-korff 


Enjoy this piece about @pbarnespianist, celebrating twenty years of collaboration with composer Philip Glass #gksom



Watch for our own Steven Cohen in this preview of the upcoming Mannheim Steamroller event on PBS. #gksom



ICYMI: Dr. Barbara Hendricks delivered the May #UNL2015 Commencement Address. Watch it ›› https://youtu.be/ZohOYTdopUk .


Here is last week's Friday Live featuring many people with connections to us including Barbara Hendricks! #gksom



Here's a link to an article about our own Hans Strum in Next Level Bassist #gksom: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/fullscreen/38659893/spring-2015 


A reminder that it's that time of the year to turn in your Loyalty Rewards Card. #gksom



Midwest ClariFest proves to be incredible experience #gksom



Ehly named Earl “Pete” Jenkins Endowed Visiting Choral Artist at UNL #gksom



Glenn Korff School of Music to host Barbara Hendricks #gksom



Larson hired as Assistant Professor of Composition #gksom  #unl  #unlarts



Here is a complete list of all of our award winners in one place! Congrats! What a great year for the #gksom



Kosch named winner of Presser Scholarship #gksom



 Listen to John Kosch's A New Hope that won him a Downbeat: https://soundcloud.com/john-kosch/a-new-hope 


Opera singer and #unl alumna Barbara Hendricks will give the undergraduate commencement address and… https://instagram.com/p/2D9DEOIqMu/ 


Kosch wins Downbeat Student Music Award #gksom



ICYMI: Here is the Campus Bands performance from April 23rd: https://youtu.be/b3YajA1IGeQ 


Glenn Korff School Alum Fieldson wins Third Prize in Lotte Lenya Competition #gksom



ICYMI: Here is the link to the webcast of the Wind Ensemble performance from April 22 #gksom : https://youtu.be/CdmB30B23vE 

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