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Auditions are required for many of our ensembles, and registration may be controlled by additional permission codes. Contact the Glenn Korff School of Music for audition information.  See the course instructor for permission codes.

Applied Music Studio Assignments

All students must successfully pass an audition before any applied studio assignments (i.e., private lessons) are considered. Following a successful audition, students are assigned to applied faculty studios according to availability of space (faculty load). Registration is initiated by obtaining the applied course number and call number from the student’s advisor. (The four-digit call number for lessons is suppressed in the registration system, so you must go to your adviser in person to get it.) Students are limited to one major applied area (a single 2- 3 credit hour applied lesson per semester).

In the case where there are multiple studios in a single performance area, such as is the case for piano and voice, students may request a specific assignment, and a request for a specific professor is honored whenever possible. Students not pursuing a music degree or music as a minor field of concentration are, by necessity, given lowest priority for applied study.

NOTE: Students not pursuing music degree requirements are assessed an $80 fee in addition to the credit hour charge for applied lessons.

Students may continue, but are not required, to take applied music once they have their degree-required hours. (Faculty load may be a consideration under these circumstances.)

Applied Lesson Registration for Undeclared Students Intending to be Music Majors

Students who have been accepted as music majors by successful audition, but who cannot enter the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts for other academic reasons, will be allowed to register for applied music lessons during their first academic semester at UNL as if they were a major, that is, for two credit hours using the major applied course number. Advising appropriate to each such student's intended major will be provided in the School of Music during the first semester only. In subsequent semesters, undeclared students remaining under the supervision of the Explore Center who want to register for applied music lessons must register for one credit hour only, using the alpha-prefix course designation for non majors (MUNM). If these students become eligible to enter the College at a later date, they will need to audition again to determine their applied standing. No further advising will be provided by the Glenn Korff School of Music until the student becomes a major or minor in the program.

Students who have not been accepted as music majors by audition, but are otherwise eligible to enter the College, may study applied music at the minor level or the non-major applied level (as audition scores and studio space permit) during their first academic semester at UNL. Advising appropriate to students' intended major will be provided in the Glenn Korff School of Music during the first semester only. No further advising will be provided by the Glenn Korff School of Music until the student becomes a major or minor in the program.

Change of Applied Music Studio Assignments

Occasionally a student will request a change of applied music instructor. Specific procedures are in place to help students who want to change studios, and information about these procedures, along with a form to request the change, is available in the Music Office. If a studio change is being considered when obtaining applied call numbers for the next semester, the student should sign up for lessons with the present teacher. Then, if the request for a change of studio is approved, the Music Office sends through the schedule adjustment form for the student. (A change in studio assignment results in a change of section for the course, and section changes are made free of charge.)

Transfer Audition Times and Components

Transfer students (whether from inside or outside UNL), who are seeking to become a music major or minor, must pass a live audition. All auditions must include: (1) adjudication by at least 2 members of the faculty, (2) administration of all diagnostic tests where relevant (e.g, theory, aural skills, keyboard skills), and (3) an advising session (including preliminary evaluation of transfer credit) with the chief advisor of the degree program into which the student intends to matriculate (BM, BA, BME, minor).
NOTE: If a student has previously auditioned and was not accepted, a minimum of 5 months must pass between auditions. Students who want to begin studies in a fall semester may audition during the preceding January or February audition days.

Registration for Independent Study

 Undergraduate music students who want to enroll in an independent study or special topics course in music using the MUSC 398 or MUSC 498 or MUED 496 course numbers must seek the permission of the Undergraduate Committee to do so. (Under most circumstances MUSC 398 is the course number to use.) Only after approval can the suppressed four-digit call number for registration be issued. Students must request this permission either during the prior semester, or else on or before the close of the “add period” at the beginning of the given semester.

Each student must, in consultation with the instructor, complete the “Independent Study/Special Topics Course Contract” available on the Glenn Korff School of Music website ( under "Current Students" under "Forms."  This form must be filled out, printed out in hard copy, signed and dated, and presented to the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee. (It can be left with the Undergraduate Secretary in WMB rm 113). The Committee then reviews the entire proposal, with particular attention to the question of whether the amount of coursework required is congruent with the number of credit hours requested. Students will be notified by e-mail with the correct call number for registration if the contract is approved. If the contract is not approved, students will be advised by e-mail regarding revisions needed, which should be made with the help of the instructor.

Undergraduate music students who want to enroll in MUSC 499 or MUSC 499H ("Undergraduate Thesis") can obtain the four-digit call number for registration from the Undergraduate Secretary in WMB rm 113.