Jessie Graff

Jessie Graff stuntwoman

B.A. , 2007

Graff's credits include:

• Sons of Anarchy
• Transformers
• Hawaii Five-0
• The Dark Knight

• Iron Man 2
• Bridesmaids

She was part of the group of stunt actors to receive a 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The trapeze artist and stunt woman became the first woman to make it past the qualifying round on the show "American Ninja Warriors." In 2013 - the same year she was featured on CBS News during its Eye Opening Extemes week and seen in more than one million views on YouTube in her "Epic Chick Fight" video - Graff shared her expertise at the Lincoln Assassination Stage Combat Workshop.

Photo of Jessie Graff
Jessie Graff