Bachelor of Music (BM)

The BM degree in Music (the Bachelor of Music with options in Performance, Composition, History, or Theory) provides the deepest exposure to course work in music. As a consequence, elective space is smaller. Beyond the courses in the liberal arts core (English, math, science, etc.), your time and attention will be fully occupied with applied lessons, ensembles, music academic courses (history, theory, analysis, literature, etc.) and pedagogy.

This degree prepares you for a career in professional performance or composition, as well as for graduate study in any of the degree focus areas.

Our BM degree options are as follows:

  • BM Composition
  • BM History
  • BM Instrumental Performance
  • BM Piano Performance
  • BM Theory
  • BM Vocal Performance 


  • performer
  • composer
  • arranger
  • church musician
  • music publisher
  • music scholar
  • music librarian
  • music manager
  • music technologist
  • music retailing and merchandising
  • music critic
  • music journalist
  • recording engineer
  • private instructor/teacher

Application to this program

Admission as a major or minor to the Glenn Korff School of Music requires acceptance to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and fulfillment of requirements for the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Read more about undergraduate application

Admission to the Glenn Korff School of Music as a music major or minor or as a dance major or minor requires an audition. The audition is in addition to the formal application process for admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Read more about the Undergraduate Audition process