Mark Cole

Assistant Professor of Practice (Ceramics)
Area of Focus: Ceramics
Master of Fine Arts: Ohio University, Athens Ohio, 2010
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Northern Michigan University, Marquette MI, 2000

Research Interests
  • Functional Ceramics and Design
  • Symmetrical and Assymetrical patterning on 3 dimensional forms
  • Firing Techniques
  • The Elaboratous
Recent Exhibitions, Publications and Presentations
  • Gifted: The Clay Studio’s Annual Holiday Exhibition, The Clay Studio of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2012
  • 30 x 5 The Dessert Plate, AKAR Design, Iowa City, Iowa, 2012
  • External Views, Red Star Studios, Kansas City, Missouri, 2012


Advanced, Intermediate and Undergraduate Ceramics Kiln Construction
Design Visual Literacy: Speculative Drawing