Brendan Harkin

Brendan Harkin

Brendan Harkin portrait

Brendan Harkin is the founder and director of X Media Lab. X Media Lab brings outstanding international mentors to work with local companies on their own creative digital media ideas across entertainment, education, information, communications and the arts.

X Media Lab stages Lab's and online Professional Development courses in Computer Games, Digital Cinema, Interactive Television, Animation and Mobile Content. X Media Lab events have now been held in 14 countries and 22 cities all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, throughout Asia, China, India, Europe, the U.S. and the U.K. The bi-weekly X Media Lab newsletter, "for smart, data-driven, augmented, creative people," goes to more than 30,000 emerging media professionals worldwide.

Previously, Harkin created the "Interact Asia Pacific Multimedia Festival" in Australia; was Australia's first General Manager for Information Economy Public Awareness at the National Office for the Information Economy; created the nation-wide "Online Australia" program in 1999, building 7 major community portals (including Australia's first multi-lingual, multi-cultural portal), and staging more than 140 events, with the flagship website receiving more than 10 million page impressions in its first 10 months of operation. The Australian Government awarded him an Australia Day Gold Medal for his efforts in this role. In 2016, the Australian National Film and Sound Archive recorded Brendan’s oral history in recognition of his contribution to the development of Australia’s interactive media industry.

Prior to X Media Lab, Harkin was a Doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, and the recipient of an Australian Post-Graduate Scholarship Award.

Harkin has been appointed to the Deans Advisory Board of UNSW Art & Design at the University of New South Wales; the Review Board of the Interactive Entertainment Summit (Sydney); the Advisory Board of the Digital Interactive Media Entertainment & Arts conference (Bangkok); the Executive Board of the Asia Games Developers Summit (Singapore); the International Jury of the interactive Emmy Awards (Cannes); and as a Foreign Expert Advisor on digital media industry development by the Beijing Municipal Government, and awarded the highly prestigious Gehua Foundation award for International Contribution to the Creative Industries in China.