Hixson-Lied College Strategic Planning Information

The College has been working on a Strategic Action Framework. The Strategic Planning Committee, consisting of the Administrative Council, along with appointed faculty representatives, has addressed the question: What are priorities for action for our College over the next two years? To create this, we have used the Report of the N|150 Commission, the N2025 Draft Report and the new budget model as guides. Each unit will be engaged in the actions identified in this Strategic Action Framework.

Strategic Planning Process

Business & Operations
Enrollment, Retention, & Graduation
HLCFPA Strategic ACTION Plan
School of Art, Art History & Design
Glenn Korff School of Music
Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film
Johnny Carcon Center for Emerging Media Arts
Comprehensive College Plan

Strategic Action Framework

The Strategic Action Framework 2020–22 document is being maintained on Box where you can easily access the most current version, download the document, see recent activity or track version history.

Guidelines for Unit Strategic Planning

The next step is for each unit in the College to develop a strategic plan for their unit. While each unit is encouraged to approach this activity in ways that meet their unique needs, here are some general guidelines.

Guidelines for Unit Strategic Planning Document

Project Charter Samples & Templates

Strategic Planning Documents SharePoint Folder

All of these documents are being maintained and are available in a SharePoint folder named ‘CFPA Strategic Planning Documents’. You can bookmark a link to the folder or follow the folder if you are logged in to Microsoft 365 for easy access.