Chamber Music

Chamber Music at Nebraska
Chiara Quartet performing in Kimball Recital Hall

Chamber Music consists of small ensembles, one musician to a part, without a conductor. This kind of scoring has been a favorite of composers throughout history, and at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln we explore a wide range of chamber music. Students learn and rehearse their music, and receive a weekly coaching with a master teacher from the faculty at Nebraska. Enrollment uses the MUEN, MUDC, MUCO, and MUNM prefixes, and the *52 number (852, 352, 52).

There are three separate chamber music areas at Nebraska:



Alan Mattingly

Scott Anderson

Darryl White

Craig Fuller


Paul Haar


The Chiara String Quartet

Rebecca Fischer
Hyeyung Julie Yoon
Jonah Sirota
Gregory Beaver

The Moran Woodwind Quintet

John Bailey
William McMullen
Alan Mattingly
Jeffrey McCray
Diane Barger

Our Keyboard faculty

Christopher Marks
Ann Chang
Mark Clinton
Paul Barnes
Brenda Wristen

For more information about each section of chamber music follow the links below.