Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Do not mail paper copies or CDs. No hard copy application or CD submissions will be reviewed and will not be returned to the sender.

CAUTION: CMI uses, which uses HTML 5 and CSS3. It will not work on any non standard web browser.

Go to Slide Room to start an application

Step 1

Set up your SlideRoom Account. Visit, and click SIGNUP on the right-hand side of the screen. Fill out the form and click REGISTER. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from SlideRoom. Click the link in the confirmation email to return to SlideRoom and continue your application.

Step 2

Log into SlideRoom. Enter your email address and password. Click LOGIN. You should see a white page with the words "Welcome Your Name on the left, and "Contact Information" for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts on the right.

Step 3

Start your CMI application. Choose "GKSOM-Chamber Music Institute 2018" from the list of events and programs in the Directory and answer all of the questions. You can save progress and return to your application as necessary to complete the process any time prior to the posted deadline. You can exit and return to the complete the application at any time prior to the posted deadline. The $5 submission fee is the final step. You cannot open the application form after you have hit the submit button.

Step 4

Fill out the text information page first. When you are ready to continue, upload your media file(s). Click Choose Media from Computer on the left of the screen, then choose the appropriate file(s) from your computer. Click Upload Selected Media. The upload may take some time, depending on the size of the file selected and your internet connection's speed. If applying as a pre-formed group only one group member can submit the audio file(s) for the group.

Composers: A maximum of five files may be uploaded, so please submit two PDFs of scores (preferably chamber music), and two audio (mp3) files of the same pieces as well as a curriculum vitae (submitted under question 10 of the form section) that includes a list of works with instrumentation, timings and performances.

A one-page letter of recommendation from your teacher that addresses how this experience would be beneficial at this point in your career in .pdf format. This may be sent directly by the recommender or by the candidate.

Individual Performers: 

A minimum of two contrasting movements is suggested.  Generally it is best to provide a sample of the applicant’s best solo playing and, if possible, ensemble playing.  Pianists must submit a sample of solo repertoire, and if available, ensemble playing. 

Pre-formed Groups: Each member must fill out a separate application form, but only one member can submit audio files for the group. The other members should indicate the name of the ensemble, and the name of the individual who will upload the recordings in their application form. If your ensemble does not yet have a name, please make one up for the application so that we know you are a pre-formed group. A minimum of two contrasting movements is suggested.

Step 5

Payment of fee and submission of your application form. The final step is payment of the $5 submission fee. Credit card information is required. Click the Payment Confirmation button, then the Submit button. You will not be able to return and make adjustments to your form once you click Submit.

Step 6

The Glenn Korff School of Music will contact you with the results.

Tips and Troubleshooting

For helpful tips on preparing your media and for troubleshooting issues, please go to the SlideRoom Help Desk ("Help" on the top of the screen). If you have additional technical questions regarding SlideRoom, please “Submit a Request” on the SlideRoom Help Desk site.