Ear Training and Piano Proficiencies


During the week before classes begin for the fall and spring semesters, all incoming students are given an undergraduate-level Ear Training Proficiency Examination consisting of aural dictation (melodic and harmonic). Students identified as having deficiencies will be required to register for either (1) MUSC 198 (Aural Skills I GR Lab; one credit hour) and/or (2) MUSC 198 (Aural Skills II GR; one credit hour). Students who successfully complete MUSC 198 (Aural Skills II GR) with a grade of Pass (equating to a B or better, by Graduate College policy, since this an undergrad/grad class) have satisfied Ear Training Proficiency requirements. Students failing to successfully complete MUSC 198 (Aural Skills II GR) assume full responsibility for correcting the deficiency, and must retake the Ear Training Proficiency Examination until the grade of Pass is achieved. No student may stand as a candidate for graduation until ear training proficiency has been demonstrated. [NOTE: Students with deficiencies may not retake the Ear Training Proficiency Examination without having taken the required remedial course(s.)]


Students majoring in music theory or composition must pass a piano proficiency examination before permission is given to schedule comprehensive exams. In the event the student does not pass the test initially, the examination is repeated at a later date, or the student is advised to enroll in a keyboard skills class. Contact a member of the music theory faculty as soon as possible after beginning the degree program to discuss specific expectations, and to receive instructions on taking the exam and obtaining materials. Some of the contents of the exam are to be sight-read by the student, and others are to be prepared.