Glenn Korff School of Music Calendar

The calendars on the right side of this page can be added very easily to your Outlook client. Below, you will find instructions on how to subscribe through your online Office 365 client.

You can also watch the included tutorial video for additional help.

Subscribing to the Glenn Korff School of Music calendar instructions
  1. Right-click the Glenn Korff School of Music Calendar link on the right and select "copy the link address".
  2. Open a new Tab/Window and login to your Office 365 account at
  3. Click the Calendar section, located at the top right of the window.
  4. Right-click "Other Calendar" located on the left side of the screen.
  5. Select "Open Calendar"
  6. Paste (Ctrl+V or right-click > Paste) the copied URL link in the "Internet Calendar" field  
  7. Click OK.

After a few minutes, the calendar will appear in your Outlook client.  Check the box and the calendar will overlay into your existing calendar.

Glenn Korff School of Music Calendars

GKSOM  Academic Calendar outlook image

 (includes Glenn Korff School of Music Specific dates, UNL Holidays and Semester information)

GKSOM Performance Calendar (Updated per semester)outlook image