Checksheet - Music Theatre Minor for Theatre Majors

Total Minimum Required Credits = 26

Although you have found this information on the Glenn Korff School of Music website, the degree described here is available only to students in the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film, and in that school, this option is open only to students with a major in theatre, who may elect to specialize in musical theatre through this minor in musical theatre.  To qualify for the voice lessons that are required for this degree, theatre students must successfully audition for the Glenn Korff School of Music voice faculty and be accepted at the minor level. Students registering for minor-level lessons from GKSOM faculty must co-enroll in a vocal ensemble according to GKSOM policy.

  - MUSC 165 and 165A - Music Theory I and Aural Skills I            4 Credits
  - MUSC 160 - Music as Art, Discipline & Profession 3 Credit
  - Applied Voice (minor level [one credit per semester] for 5 semesters; requires co-enrolled ensemble)        5 Credits
  - MUSC 131 and MUSC 132 - Keyboard Skills I & II (2 semesters)  2 Credit
  - Ensembles for credit (2 credits of a large choral ensemble and 2 credits of "productions")       4 Credits
  - Dance (Ballet or Modern Dance) Courses 5 Credit
  - MUOP/THEA 455 Musical Theatre & Techniques 3 Credits