Auditions and Application

Performance Auditions

Audition Dates for Admission & Scholarships

All students are required to audition for admission. Acceptance into the program is competitive, so we encourage you to audition early and be well-prepared. You MUST audition by February 17 to be considered for Carson School and/or Hixson-Lied Scholarships. Scholarships may be offered as we see students.

Audition Dates at the Carson School and other National Events

  • *Jun 19-24, 2017 Int'l Thespian Festival (Lincoln, NE) ✔
  • +Oct 20 Carson School (5-7 p.m.) (Lincoln, NE) ✔
  • *Nov 15-18 Texas Thespian Fest (Grapevine, TX) ✔
  • *Nov 17-18 Arizona Thespian Fest (Phoenix, AZ) ✔
  • *Dec 7-9 Colorado St Thespian Conf (Denver, CO) ✔
  • *Jan 4-6, 2018 Nebraska Thespian Conf (Lincoln, NE) ✔
  • *Jan 4-6 Kansas Thespian Fest (Wichita, KS) ✔
  • +Feb 17 Carson School (9-11 a.m.) (Lincoln, NE)
  • +Final: Mar 3 Carson School (9-11 a.m.) (Lincoln, NE)
  • We may accepted video auditions after March 3, please contact us
  • We reserve the right to add, change, or cancel auditions

*Contact conf/festival for access to the auditions/registration

+To sign up for an audition in Lincoln, start your application at the Acceptd link:

Audition Guidelines

  • You should perform two memorized monologues contrasting in mood (for example, a comedy and a drama)
  • If you wish to sing, you can sing 16 bars from a Broadway musical in addition to your two monologues (we will not provide a piano or playback equipment)
  • Monologues should be no longer than 4 minutes combined
  • Avoid dialects and pieces out of your age range
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Costumes and props are not permitted (chair provided)
  • We urge you to choose pieces that you feel strongly about, and show you at your best

Audition Steps

  1. We use the Acceptd application, so please go to this link and set up your account to get started:  If you already have an Acceptd account, you can use that login and password.
  2. Optional for audition: Apply for admission to the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln on the Admissions website. Please indicate “Pre-Theatre” as your major.  Incoming Freshmen must meet one of the following entrance requirements: 1030 or higher on the Critical Reading and Math Portions of the SAT, or 20 or higher on the ACT. We encourage you to apply for admission prior to your audition. 
  3. Read through and follow the Audition Guidelines.

Questions about the Acting program, audition guidelines or application materials should be directed to the Admissions Coordinator (402-472-2453 or