Intro to Theatre (THEA112) explores the art of theatre and the artists who create it. This foundational course is designed to enrich the appreciation and understanding of the theatre-going experience through lectures, group discussions and projects. During the semester, students are required to attend and analyze three professional theatre productions at Nebraska Repertory Theatre as a part of the educational process.

This semester the productions include:

Nebraska Repertory Theater

September 29 – October 10, 2021
Production 1 is a yet-to-be announced classic comedy from one of the world’s greatest playwrights.

ShakesFear Poster.

October 15 – 31, 2021
ShakesFEAR at the Haunted Temple is an immersive haunted theatrical event. Enter the demented mind of William Shakespeare. Go on a harrowing journey to recover one of Shakespeare’s lost plays. To escape a spell cast by the Weird Sisters, you’ll have to confront a murderous king, meddling fairies, ghastly ghosts and a bloody butcher with an appetite for blood!

Nebraska Repertory Theater

November 10 – 21, 2021
Production 3 is a yet-to-be announced contemporary drama by one of America’s up-and-coming playwrights.

Course Description

Introduction to the forms and functions of theatre and dramatic literature in the historical development of Western cultural traditions. While the theatre always reflects the aesthetic and philosophical concerns of the cultural era, the objective of the course is to determine the unique aesthetics of the theatre as an art form by exploring such issues as the relationship between the literary text and the text in performance; the changing role of theatre in culture historically; the various theatre research methods (historical, critical, experimental).

Intro to Theatre (THEA112) sections
Class Section Days and Times Room Instructor Status
8933 001-LEC Regular M-W-F 9:30AM – 10:20AM Ross-Van Brunt 124 Staff Open
8934 002-LEC Regular T-Th 9:30AM – 10:45AM Temple 104 Borden Open
8935 003-LEC Regular M-W-F 1:30PM – 2:20PM Ross-Van Brunt 124 Buffum Open
9673 004-LEC Regular M-W-F 11:30AM – 12:20PM Ross-Van Brunt 124 Uribe Open
8936 005-LEC Regular M-W-F 10:30AM – 11:20AM Ross-Van Brunt 124 Dobson Open
18382 008-LEC Regular M-W-F 12:30PM – 1:20PM Ross-Van Brunt 124 Staff Open
9139 099-LEC Regular M-W-F 9:30AM – 10:20AM Temple 104 Dobson Open
9284 199-LEC Regular M-W-F 10:30AM – 11:20AM Temple 104 Wahlqvist Open

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