Letter from the Director

Harris Smith

Harris Smith Director, Johnny Carson
School of Theatre & Film

Message from the Director Welcome to the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film

Having an award-winning faculty who has established themselves nationally and internationally, we are proud to be the premier training program of theatre and film artists in the region.

Through our Guest Artist program we provide students with the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals from across the country.  The University Theatre and the student-produced Theatrix seasons provide a wide variety of opportunities for students throughout the academic year. Our Film and New Media students write, direct and crew a variety of film projects and digital media, combining these unique elements to create compelling new works. 

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The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts will be an exciting new program that creatively fuses virtual production with performative experiences across film; theatre and live stage performance; gaming, interactive media, broadcast and internet media; and augmented and virtual reality.

View the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts informational video (created by our Film and New Media faculty and students) and review our undergraduate and graduate programs.  Not interested in becoming a major?  See what you'd need to become a minor! We are happy to help you explore options.

We pride ourselves on our student / faculty ratio where individual attention helps you develop your unique voice.

The Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film is an exciting place to be.  We are glad that you are interested in the programs here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and are happy to help you excel in the Theatre and Film business.

Dare to dream,

Harris Smith Director, Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film