Scholarships & Assistantships

Scholarships in the Glenn Korff School of Music result from two large categories of consideration:

  1. academic achievement and
  2. the excellence of the audition.

Students will be considered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Admissions Office automatically for any academic scholarships for which they may be eligible. Students will be considered for, and notified about, audition scholarship awards after all on-campus auditions have been completed.

Please be reminded that you must audition for the faculty to be accepted as a major in music or dance. Anyone who completes a successful audition is automatically considered for a music or dance scholarship.

  • The Glenn Korff School of Music provides scholarship support only to majors.
  • You may audition in more than one area, but you must choose one area for major or minor and for scholarship consideration.
  • If you audition for acceptance as a composition major, you will also need to audition in one of the performance areas.