The Mission, Objectives and Goals of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film

The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film is committed to the philosophy that prospective practitioners of theatre, film and new media must be provided with thorough education, training and practical skills for employment in industry and educational settings.

Teaching, research/creative scholarship, and service are the traditional and primary methodologies utilized to accomplish our goals. Additionally, the production of plays, films, and new media projects reflects the School's commitment to professional training in the educational environment. The School's production activities encompass all of our goals, relating them to theatre and moving image education and training.

Stage set of Taming The Shrew

The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film will pursue the following four goals:

To educate and train students for professional work in theatre, film and new media to the highest degree of the students' artistic and intellectual ability

To help all students to develop an intellectual and cultural foundation with discriminating taste and critical judgment

To unify the inseparable values of classroom and production by applying theoretical principles to stage and screen production

To offer varied and meaningful theatrical, cinematic and cultural experiences for the members of the university community, for the people of the city of Lincoln, and for the citizens of Nebraska through regular public performance