We offer incredible experiences beyond the classroom like the Nebraska Repertory Theatre. Also, through our Hixson-Lied endowment, we are able to provide other unique opportunities.

Nebraska Repertory Theatre

Nebraska Repertory Theatre is the professional wing of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Repertory Theatre website

Repertory Theatre production of Emma
UCARE Undergraduate Research
Kendra Morgan, a minor in Theatre for costume design, worked on a UCARE project that allowed her to collaborate with professors and other students to design fabric that went into her work for Omaha Fashion Week.


As an undergraduate research assistant, you’ll interact closely with a faculty advisor to conduct research on a topic you propose. Together, you and your faculty advisor will draft a research abstract, outlining the expectations the faculty advisor has of you while you hold the assistantship.