Art Fabrication Space Safety

Safety rules:

  1. Never operate power tools while working alone. Ever!
  2. Eye protection must be worn while working in the Art Fabrication Space. Safety eyeglasses and face shields are provided. Dust masks and ear protection are not required, but advised in some situations.
  3. Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times in the Art Fabrication Space. Sandals, flip-flops and other open shoes are forbidden.
  4. Dress appropriately for the task: never work in the shop while wearing loose sleeves. Roll up or secure loose sleeves, tuck in loose shirts, remove jewelry, and tie back long hair.
  5. Avoid standing directly in front or behind operating machinery. Pieces of stock/material may be thrown from the machine causing injury.
  6. Do not operate power tools and machinery while impaired, feeling sick, or taking strong medications.
  7. Never leave a piece of equipment unattended while it is running.
  8. Be conscious at all times of other people in the shop. Anticipate problems that other people might create or problems that you might create for them.
  9. Always be conscious of where your hands and fingers are as you are using the machines.  Be aware and alert as you operate the machines.
  10. Avoid distractions.  Never wear earphones or talk to another person while operating equipment.
  11. Never look away from your work when operating a power tool.
  12. Keep the work area clean. Remove any objects and materials from the surface of the machinery that is not related to the process or operation you are performing. Keep the floor clean to avoid slipping or tripping.
  13. Be alert to odors that might indicate overheating of the machine or stock.
  14. Do not remove the safety devices attached to the equipment. These devices are there for your protection and for the protection of others and should not be tampered with.
  15. Expose only as much of the saw blade as necessary when using the table saw and band saw.
  16. Use the right machine or the right tool for the task.
  17. Do not use a power tool before it has reached operating speed or while it is coming to a stop. Never force a tool by applying too much pressure. Let each tool work at its own speed without forcing it. Once a power tool has been turned off, allow it to coast to a stop. Never force an object into moving parts to stop a machine.
  18. Always turn on the dust collector before performing any operations where dust will be generated.
  19. Do not operate equipment that you are not familiar with. Seek assistance from the Art Fabrication Space Manager.  Ask for help even if you are the least unsure. It may not just be you that is at risk, others nearby could be injured by your errors.
  20. Do not attempt to cut free-hand on the power miter saw or the table saw: use the proper fences, guides and miter gauges.
  21. Materials with hazardous components such as creosote treated wood, or wood painted with lead-based paint, etc. are not allowed in the space.

Operational rules:

  1. Only students currently enrolled in University of Nebraska-Lincoln Art courses or members of the AAHD faculty or staff may use the Art fabrication Space facilities. Visitors are not allowed.
  2. Undergraduate students may only work in the Art Fabrication Space when their instructor, the Art Fabrication Space Manager and/or the Art Fabrication Space attendant are present. A schedule of hours is posted outside the Art Fabrication Space door.
  3. AAHD graduate students may work in the Art Fabrication Space outside of regularly scheduled hours, but only if they have completed Art Fabrication Space safety training, work with someone else, and follow all rules.
  4. Clean up the mess you generate. Dust tables and power tools, sweep the floor and return all hand tools and equipment to their proper places.
  5. Many hand tools and portable power tools may be checked out from the Art Fabrication Space. The checkout sheet must be legibly filled out every time you remove a tool from the Art Fabrication Space. Tools must be returned the same day as checked out.
  6. Dust collectors must be on when performing operations or using equipment that generate dust.
  7. Do not run used wood through a saw, jointer, thickness planer, or drum sander without careful inspection. Nails, screws, staples or other metal pieces or small stones imbedded in the wood can damage or destroy power tools.
  8. Do not store materials and projects in the Art Fabrication Space.


  • WEAR the appropriate personal safety equipment. Safety goggles are required whenever you are working in the Art Fabrication Space.
  • USE hearing protection,  dusk masks and chemical protection when deemed necessary.
  • LOCATE the on/off switches and make sure they are within easy reach.
  • ENSURE the blade guards and safety devices are in place.
  • INSPECT wood for nails, screws, staples, and imbedded rocks before cutting.
  • TURN OFF any machine before making adjustments.
  • USE a push stick to push material into the cutter.
  • CHECK to make sure the tool is properly adjusted before you perform your operations.
  • THINK through the operation before performing it. Know what you are going to do, and what the machine will do.
  • TIE back long hair.


  • NEVER operate power tools while working alone. Ever!
  • NEVER leave a machine running and unattended.
  • NEVER wear loose clothing or jewelry around power tools.
  • NEVER clean dust or chips from the table with the machine running.
  • NEVER attempt to operate a machine if you do not know what you are doing; always ask the Art Fabrication Space Manager for help.