About the Program

U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ceramics program in the top ten nationally. Our award-winning alumni are active leaders in the field of ceramics, and include full-time studio artists, university faculty, business owners, teachers and college administrators. Our curriculum helps you balance knowledge and skill-building with the freedom to explore broadly and develop an individual voice as an artist. Students can get involved even more outside the classroom in Clay Club.

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Ceramics facilities include two large, high-ceiling, well-lit studios on the first floor of Richards Hall, a recently renovated, one hundred year old building in the heart of the UNL campus. Ceramics has a fully stocked glaze lab, an indoor electric kiln room, a covered outdoor kiln area and a well-vented clay-mixing facility.

BFA Art - Ceramics Emphasis

You will be introduced to a range of possibilities in terms of forming and firing technologies. Working at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, you come in contact with faculty members as well as graduate students pursuing their MFA degrees. You also have opportunities to take kiln building classes and classes on glaze and clay body chemistry. Our BFA graduates go on to experience artist residencies, assistantships, apprenticeships and internships leading to a professional career or graduate study.

MFA Art- Ceramics Emphasis

UNL offers the MFA degree with an emphasis in ceramics and seven other media disciplines. The UNL ceramics program supports a wide range of approaches to ceramic art. Among our students have been potters, vessel makers, sculptors, mixed-media artists and installation artists. Graduate students share spacious, well-lit studios on the second floor of Richards Hall and take advantage of a wide range of studio equipment.

Ceramics MFA Alumni

Meredith Brickell     
Sean Scott 
David Bogus     
Ian Anderson     
Roxanne Jackson 
Monica Ripley     
Su Harvey     
Richard Schwartz 
Kari Radasch      
Judd Jarvis     
Micki Skudlarczyk  
Matt Hardwick    
Ellen Huie      
Adeena Kravet  
Amy Smith     
Leigh Cohen       
Chad Wolf             
Matt Kelleher    
Jason Briggs     
Michael Strand   
Steve Storch
Charles Timm-Ballard
Michael Morgan