Digital Lab Facilities and Loanable Equipment


Adobe Illustrator icon

Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing program typically used for creating logos and line drawings.

Adobe Indesign iconAdobe InDesign is a layout program for setting text and images for print.

Adobe Lightroom iconLightroom is a workflow mainly used by photographers. It is a powerful personal archiving organizer for large collections of images and a non-destructive editing environment for photo manipulation. Lightroom's interface make it easy to add metadata information like copyright to you image files and prepare them for both print and web formats.

Adobe Fireworkds iconFireworks is an image manipulation and graphics generation software much like Photoshop but built for a web design workflow.

Adobe Photoshop iconAdobe Photoshop is a multipurpose raster image manipulation software. It is extremely versatile and can be used in website, print, or video workflows. Its most powerful component is its layer function, which allows the user to make multiple, complex edits that affect only the selected areas of the image. Though Photoshop is known for its specialized photo manipulation tools, itis is also a powerful tool for raster drawing with a variety of brush synthesizers.

Adobe Dreamweaver iconDreamweaver is an application that helps web designers write web code, design layouts for web and publish web content to the internet.

Adobe Flash iconFlash is a workspace for animating image content based on the concept of keyframes. This is a powerful tool for generating action script code for animated web graphics.

Adobe Premire iconPremiere is Adobe's non-linear video editing program. It accepts most any video and audio formats as well as layers and project files from other Adobe Softwares.

Adobe After Effects iconAfter Effects combines the functions of other Adobe workflows for video manipulation. Layers, keyframes, masks and effects plugins make this software an extremely powerful compositing video and image solution.

Adobe Audition iconAudition is used to manipulate audio and midi data in a multitrack editing environment. With effects plugins and advanced external interfacing for a variety of input and output devices, this software is excellent for music creation, sound tracks, and film scoring.

Adobe Encore iconAdobe Encore is a DVD authoring software. When you have video or other multimedia files for interactive presentation, Encore helps you design, layout and encode your DVD.

Digital Tools

Wacom Intuos3 Drawing Tablets:

Wacom tablet icon
The Wacom Intuos 3's pressure-sensitive stylus synthesizes the unique mark-making capabilities of the artist's hand and adapts gestures for the digital canvas.

State-of-the-art iMacs are build to handle even the most taxing graphic-heavy project. Big files are no problem for these computers or their huge 27" screens.

Imac icon

Flatbed Scanners:

Scanner icon
Document work for your digital portfolio scanning flat images up to 12x17. Or be creative and bring 3D objects and black cloth to scan for creating unique photographic images or assets for other digital arts projects.

All Art and Art History students have access to the Lighting Studio to document work. To reserve the studio for up to 3 hours, fill out the Photo Studio Reservation Request Form.

Photo Studio icon


Students have access to full-color, large-format, inkjet printing at the AAH Digital Lab. Knowing the specifications of the facility's equipment will help you maximize your design output and minimize the impact to the environment. Be a responsible artist and plan ahead. There is always printing advice available at the Digital Lab.

Epson Stylus Pro 4800 icon
The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 high quality color inkjet printers are capable of printing sheet paper and roll paper 17" wide by any length.
Epson Stylus Pro 7880 icon
The Epson Stylus Pro 7880 and 7890 high quality color inkjet printers are capable of printing on roll paper 24" wide by any length.
Epson Stylus Pro 9900 icon
The Epson Stylus Pro 9900 prints on banner rolls up to 44" wide! That's a big print!

For Designers who need to cut and mount their design projects after printing, there are X-Acto blades, cutting mats, rubber cement, T-squares, and other small supplies available for use in the Digital Lab. Please supply your own mounting board.

Equipment for Checkout

For faculty and graduate students there are loanable items for presentations and documenting artwork such as:

Digital Still camera icon
Digital Still Cameras
MiniDV icon
MiniDV Camcorders
Digital Projectors icon
Digital Projectors
Digital Projectors icon
Audio Recorders

A limited number of digital cameras are also available to undergrads. If you need to reserve one of these items please submit the proper online form.

Photo students may check out class-specific equipment such as:

35mm camera icon
35mm SLR cameras
Lighting equipment icon

Lighting Equipment

These items are also reservable with the Documentation Equipment Reservation Form.