The following rules are for everyone’s safety. If you are using the printmaking and book making facilities you are to follow these procedures. The instructors, professors, and graduate students are to be listened to and their instructions followed regarding safety, equipment, apparel and methods.

Safety rules:

  1. Before using the studios, familiarize yourself with the closest emergency phone, fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and baking soda solutions are.
  2. In case of emergency, call 911 or poison control depending on your situation. 
  3. Each room is equipped with a first aid unit; locate this blue box before proceeding with activities in case of emergency.
  4. No alcohol or drugs in the building. Do not work in any altered state that may affect your safety (including but not limited to substance abuse or over exhaustion).  Smoking is not allowed within the building.
  5. Protective footwear must be worn in the print studios. No open toed shoes. 
  6. Hair must be pulled back when working with equipment and presses.
  7. Eye protection should be worn in the acid room.
  8. Gloves should be worn while handling any toxic or hazardous materials.
  9. Ventilation should be turned on whenever chemicals are being used.
  10. Ear protection should be worn while working with the power washer.
  11. Dust masks must be worn while the Rosin box is in use.
  12. Always operate the presses and cutting tools after instruction. The guillotines and plate cutters need special operating instructions.
  13. Solvents should never go down the drain.
  14. Solvent bins must have the lids closed at all times when not in use and fire safe cabinets for chemicals must be closed too.
  15. Sharp objects should be disposed of in the sharp containers.
  16. Absolutely no food in any of the studios aside from the break rooms.
  17. Do not leave personal items unattended. Secure them in a locker.