You are to follow the instructions of the sculpture faculty and graduate students at all times regarding safety, the equipment, apparel and methods.
  1. Know where the emergency phone, fire extinguishers and eye wash station are located. A first-­‐aid kit is located in the tool room.
  2. No alcohol or drugs in the building. Do not work in any altered state that could affect your safety (due to a substance or exhaustion.) Smoking is not allowed (even in the foundry area.)
  3. No Guests or Pets allowed in the sculpture area.
  4. No Shorts, Sandals or halter tops.
  5. You must wear eye protection when working in the sculpture area.
  6. You must wear a dust mask when working with plaster or sanding.
  7. Welding/ Foundry areas: you must wear cotton clothing and leather shoes. No baggy, cuffed or frayed clothing allowed.
  8. Do not use a tool without proper instruction. Ask the instructor for help.
  9. Students are not allowed to work alone in the welding area or woodshop.
  10. No earbuds or headphones when working in the welding area or operating a power tool. You may use the hearing protection plugs (tool room) or ear cuffs.
  11. Pour any left over solvents in the metal drum for proper disposal (next to the eye wash station. Do not pour down sinks.
  12. Any sharp objects must be disposed of in the plastic container (tool room). Do not put in trash.
  13. Do not leave personal items unattended. Secure them in your locker.
Department Office: 402-472-5522
UNL Police: 402-472-2222