Time and Credit Guidelines

The School of Art, Art History & Design adheres to the following time and credit guidelines established by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD):

  • In studio courses, one hour of credit represents three hours of work each week of the 16-week semester. Two of the hours are spent in class with the instructor, and one hour of additional work is expected outside of regularly scheduled class time.
  • In lecture/discussion courses, one hour of credit represents one hour each week in class, and two hours each week of work outside of class for the duration of the 16-week semester.

Transfer credit evaluation

Transfer credit is evaluated using the NASAD based time and credit guidelines noted above. When a studio art or art history course is presented for possible transfer to UNL, the School of Art, Art History & Design uses course descriptions and/or course syllabi to evaluate content, and course schedules to evaluate the hours of instruction. Credit is rounded to the nearest half credit hour. If a course is presented for possible transfer, and the hours of instruction fall short of UNL’s NASAD-based standards, the course will receive a reduction in credit. An exception to the policy is credit earned during an education abroad experience, during which a student can be expected to gather substantial experience that will be influential in their development upon their return.