IGNITE is a colloquium for all Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts students, which will involve guest lectures, workshops and seminars around creative development (aesthetics, design, skills, playtesting, analysis, project management, producing, storytelling, etc.) and professional development (strengths, branding, entrepreneurship, pitching, resumes, portfolios, mental and personal health, industry overview, etc.).

These colloquiums will be open to the entire university community, as well as the public.

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IGNITE Colloquium Schedule of Events

Friday, February 26, 2021 - Storytelling and Entrepreneurship

Great storytellers take risks, the same as great entrepreneurs do.  On Friday 26 February at IGNITE we explore the intersections of the emerging media arts and entrepreneurship.  We will meet and network with a host of student run organizations and programs that deal with entrepreneurship, technology, making, and entertainment.

Every start-up needs a storyteller. 


A UNL student organization dedicated to providing the resources and connections for entrepreneurs to be successful.  Whether you are a full-blown founder or simply want to learn more about the thriving start-up culture, everyone is welcome to join!

Center for Entrepreneurship

Whether all you are ‘entrepreneurial’ curious, have an idea, or your business is well underway, the Center for Entrepreneurship offers mentorships, workshops, competition and funding opportunities to help you grow and succeed.

Engler Entrepreneurship Program

The Engler program exists to embolden our people on the courageous pursuit of their purpose, through the art and practice of entrepreneurship.  While its foundations lie in agribusiness, the Engler program is for anyone with a big idea.

Broader Considerations of Technology

The Broader Consideration of Technology student organization was founded by an interdisciplinary group of students who want to draw attention to the various social, political, and moral concerns that arise in the light of technology, especially the design and implementation of computer-based technologies.  Just because we can, should we?


Is a student group dedicated to using computing skills to give back to the Lincoln community.  The club’s activities include mentoring young people at coding camps, teaching robotics concepts to Lincoln middle schoolers, and building new software for local nonprofits. 

UNL Theme Park Design Group

We design theme parks and theme park rides.  We enter (and win!) competitions around the country.  We are engineers, designers, artists, storytellers.

Nebraska Innovation Studio

Do you love to create and build?  Join Nebraska Innovation Studio and get access to an incredible facility with full wood and metal shops, a rapid prototyping room, art studio, ceramics and textile equipment and more.  Become a maker and you can start your own business or Etsy shop!