The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts hosted a Carson Conversations Forum: Emerging Media Trends on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Twelve emerging media experts each gave a presentation on a number of topics about emerging media and re-thinking higher education as the University of Nebraska–Lincoln begins building the curriculum for the Carson Center.

“I’m really excited that all of you are now involved,” Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts Director Megan Elliott told the audience of about 160. “You put your hand up, you’re here today, you’re on our team. Thank you.”

Robert Tercek "The Future Of Education"

Tercek is one of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive content and the author of “Vaporized.”

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Norman Hollyn "The Carson Foundation’s Challenge"

Hollyn is the Michael Kahn Endowed Chair in Film Editingat USC’s School of Cinematic Arts

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Erica Larsen-Dockray "The Student’s Journey in Emerging Media Arts"

An artist and adjunct faculty at California Institute of the Arts in the Film/Video School’s Experimental Animation program and the co-founder of the Calibraska Arts Initiative.

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Brian LaDuca "The Development of a Pedagogy"

An alumnus of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, LaDuca is the creator of the IDA (Ideation-Disruption-Aha!) pedagogy for Applied Creative Learning at the University of Dayton.

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Tom Barker "A Curriculum Roadmap"

Barker is digital future adjunct professor at OCAD University in Toronto and an educator, researcher, consultant, strategist, designer and entrepreneur in architecture, art, technology and design.

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Sean Stewart "Storytelling & Creative Technologies"

Stewart is creative director for Magic Leap. He designs, scripts and prototypes immersive experiences for mixed/augmented reality.

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Susan Bonds "The Future Requirements of an Emerging Media Arts"

Bonds is co-founder and CEO of 42 Entertainment. She leads the innovation evolution, from alternate reality games to deeply immersive entertainment experiences that engage millions. Bonds was formerly creative director/senior show producer at Disney Imagineering.

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Jeff Nicholas "Cross-disciplinary Team Work and Creative Problem Solving"

Nicholas is director of VR Creative and Production at Live Nation. He formerly was the executive creative director on the majority of the design, digital and experiential projects from The Uprising Creative.

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Steve Cooper "Creative Coding and Campus Collaboration"

Cooper is Executive Director of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Chancellor’s Professor.

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Kyle Murphy "Entrepreneurship"

Murphy is vice president of design at Hudl, where he supports cross-disciplinary team building apps for athletes and coaches.

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Charles Wang "International Outreach"

Wang is deputy director of the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment at the Beijing Film Academy. He isalso deputy director of research and information management, as well as an associate professor of film and TV technology and record producer.

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Roy Taylor "GPU=EMA"

Taylor is corporate vice president and head of alliances at Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. He manages advanced micro-devices relations with Microsoft, Google, major games publishers and developers.

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