Complex Movements

Complex Movements:  (clockwise from upper left) Invincible/Ill Weaver, Wesley Taylor, Sage Crump and L05 (Carlos Garcia).

Complex Movements is a Detroit-based artist collective supporting the transformation of communities by exploring the connections of complex science and social justice movements thorugh multimedia interactive performance work.

Complex Movements current project, Beware of the Dandelions, is a mobile art installation that functions as a performance, workshop space, and visual arts exhibition. The piece intersects disciplines including community organizing, design, hip-hop and electronic music, architecture and theatre. The experience occurs inside a 400 square foot polyhedron dome-like pod structure. The performance and generative design are projected onto the surface of the pod to create an immersive visual and sound experience that incorporates science fiction, projections, songs and interactive game elements.

Complex Movements engages communities to expand their strategies for organzing around local and trans-local social justice issues. The collective's work is inspired by the writings, philosophy and experience of Detroit-based activist Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015), as well as grassroots networks in Detroit.

The collective includes:  Invincible/ill Weaver, a Detroit-based lyricist, performance artist and activist. They spent more than a decade organizing with Detroit Summer, a muti-racial, intergenerational collective in Detroit that is transforming communities through youth facilitative leadership, creativity and collective action. Invincible co-founded the Detoit Future Youth network to support social justice and media-based youth projects throughout the city.

Wesley Taylor is a graphic designer, fine artist, musician and curator. He has spent many years "scene building" in the Detroit Hip Hop community by participating as both an emcee and graphic designer in the rap group, Athletic Mic League. He is co-founder of Emergence Media and a lead artist in the Complex Movements collective.

Sage Crump is a cultural strategist based in the U.S. South, who works to embed arts and culture into social justice movements. With more than 20 years of arts and organizing experience, Crump works with artists and organizations to develop or refine the way they engage strategies for change. She is a long-time member of Alternative ROOTS and is a founding member of Young African Writers Collective, Oyster Knife, Community Theatre Initiative and is a performance poet and vocalist.

L05 (Carlos Garcia) is an artist, performer, designer and engineer. He has performed and exhibited work individually and as part of the award-winning Complex Movements. L05 is a vocalist and producer in hip hop/electronic duo Celsius Electronics and a co-founder of the Branch Out Collective. He led creative research and design at the University of Michigan's Duderstadt Center, where he managed the GroundWorks Media Lab.

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