Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon is acknowledged as one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment and content industry. Over the last 18 years, he has been a prominent global mobile trailblazer and innovator, helping grow the mobile entertainment, mobile health and mobile content industry, while playing a central role in its impact and presence around the world. Today, mobile is a key platform to reach the more than 7.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.

Simon heads the London-based Mobilium Global Group, which provides high-level strategic counsel and guidance to brands, media companies and professional organizations across the entire mobile spectrum, from mobile handset makers and telco operators, to technology companies, media companies, healthcare organizations, movie studios and TV networks, global music and You Tube artists and TV personalities, ad agency groups, brands and platform providers around the world.

Specifically, Simon guides and advises clients and companies on innovative, practical ways to expand an individual or company’s mobile social media presence through effective mobile “disruption” and accurately targeted brand development and profile enhancement, all of which help to grow revenues, and also to maximize mobile profile attention, reputational growth and impact  and achieve consistently good profitability. This includes the use, distribution and mobile marketing of mobile apps, health and education content, entertainment content, mobile music, mobile games, mobile money, mobile social media, and mobile media technology and SIM-card technology applications.

In early 2014 Mobilium Africa, their pan-Africa subsidiary launched the first comprehensive, pan-African and Africa-specific mobile health delivery network known as the Smart Health Hub. With one billion Africans and some 800 million African mobile subscribers, Africa has deep potential for mobile device growth across all sectors playing a key role in the development of the global mobile industry. Mobilium Africa has worked with The Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria & the World Health Organization (WHO), the official participants in Smart Health Consortium, as is SafePoint Single-Use Syringes, and the support of the World Health Organization Maternal & Newborn Health arm (PMCNH). Smart Health Hub is part of a wider range of mobile commerce, software and innovation that Mobilium has begun to bring to the entire African continent embodying mobile health, mobile wallet technology, mobile payment systems and new ways of using mobile gamification, mobile social messaging, mobile social music & mobile social lifestyle research into creating better lives for digital citizens everywhere.

In May 2013, CTIA – The Wireless Association, based in Washington, D.C., appointed Simon as its official Global Ambassador. The CTIA is North America’s principal wireless and mobile trade association, whose members include all the major telcos, device manufacturers and infrastructure industry players. Simon helps CTIA to expand its spheres of technology and policy influence in North and South America, and in emerging markets and developing countries internationally.

Simon began his career co-founding the Zomba Group of music companies (including record label Jive Records) in the 1970s, building it into the world’s leading independent music and music publishing company. In the mid 90’s he was appointed Executive Vice President of Capitol Records and Blue Note Records in Hollywood, and built Capitol Records & EMI’s emerging new media business into a successful and significant global enterprise that established new business models for the record and music publishing industry.