Special Topic courses are new or limited-time classes offered in Emerging Media Arts. 

2023 Spring Pre-Session (3 credit hours)

Intro to Game Design 

EMAR 391.PW1 | 3 credit hours 
M-F, 2:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. | Online 
Instructor: Francesca Carletto-Leon 

This course introduces students to an interdisciplinary approach to game design and production. Emphasis will be on rapid prototyping, agile design, critical play, collaboration, and project management in a relatively short development cycle. Structured as hands-on experiential learning, lectures, and discussions at the intersection of play and game design. Students make games! 

Instructor Francesca Carletto-Leon is an award-winning game designer and educator whose work encompasses digital, tabletop, and alternative contoller-style projects. www.cesca.games 

This course is for students interested in game design, but with limited or no programming or design experience. 

Contact carsoncenter@unl.edu for more information. 

2023 Spring Semester