Special Topic courses are new or limited-time classes offered in Emerging Media Arts. 

2023 Spring Pre-Session 

3D Game Engines: Epic Unreal 5

EMAR 391.PP1 | 3 credit hours 
M-F, 9 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. | CEMA 237
Instructor: Shane Bolan

This practical course will introduce students to the methods, tools, and principles used in developing three-dimensional worlds for games, VR, or Cinema using Unreal 5. 

The Unreal Enging (Unreal 5) is the world's most advanced real-time creation tool. Developed by the team that brought you FORTNITE, Unreal Engine is the industry standard in virtual production for cinema (The Mandalorian), games (FORTNITE), virtual reality, data visualization, digital twins, architecture, and more. 

This course is best suited for students with design, coding, or programming experience. Sophomore standing or above is required.  

Contact carsoncenter@unl.edu for more information. 

Intro to Game Design 

EMAR 391.PW1 | 3 credit hours 
M-F, 2:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. | Online 
Instructor: Francesca Carletto-Leon 

This course introduces students to an interdisciplinary approach to game design and production. Emphasis will be on rapid prototyping, agile design, critical play, collaboration, and project management in a relatively short development cycle. Structured as hands-on experiential learning, lectures, and discussions at the intersection of play and game design. Students make games! 

Instructor Francesca Carletto-Leon is an award-winning game designer and educator whose work encompasses digital, tabletop, and alternative contoller-style projects. www.cesca.games 

This course is for students interested in game design, but with limited or no programming or design experience. 

Contact carsoncenter@unl.edu for more information. 

2023 Spring Semester