Emerging Media Arts electives in Cinematic Arts include courses in film making, video production, editing, screenwriting, cinematography, and film design. 

Cinema Production I (EMAR 250)

Prerequisite: Visual Expression Studio II (EMAR 141)

Introduction to the tools and aesthetics of the moving image. Students become familiar with fundamentals of digital cinema cameras, lenses, lighting and editing. Working in small groups, students produce experimental and non-sync narrative short films.

Cinema Production II (EMAR 252)

Prerequisite: Cinema Production I (EMAR 250)

Advanced film production techniques including sync-sound equipment and practices, advanced lighting tools, and post-production workflows. In addition to producing several small-group projects demonstrating these techniques, the entire class selects and produces a 7-9 minute sync-sound short film. Students apply their knowledge of production and post-production crew responsibilities by filling key positions on the class film.

Narrative Storytelling (EMAR 311)

Prerequisite: Story Lab II (EMAR 111)

Introduction to visual storytelling and scriptwriting. Beginning with exercises in character development and story world development, students write several short screenplays. Strong emphasis placed on the importance of revision and refinement of story structure and problem solving.

Cinema Postproduction I (EMAR 353)

Prerequisite: Cinema Production II (EMAR 252)

Advanced editing techniques and studio software.

Lighting for Cinema (EMAR 354)

Prerequisite: Cinema Production II (EMAR 252)

Advanced application of lighting concepts, technology, and techniques.

Detailed Curriculum and Degree Information Sample 4-Year Plan


  • Filmmaker
  • Screenwriter
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Film Production Designer

Other EMA Electives

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