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Bryan Jackson

Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Arts
Area of Focus: Emerging Media Arts

Bryan Jackson is assistant professor of emerging media arts. Jackson is a director, writer and educator based in Los Angeles. His films take a unique approach to narrative storytelling and draw upon his work in LGBTQ activism and background in theater and experimental film. 

He is currently in post-production on “Cream,” based on a story by Rikki Cucornet. He earned a M.F.A. in directing from UCLA.

Jackson was co-founder and faculty of DigiFilm at the University of California, Irvine. DigiFilm is a filmmaking program whose majority is comprised of BIPOC, Women and LGBTQ students. At UCI, he created the Inernational Documentary Program, which sends undergraduate filmmakers to film documentaries at community sites focused on environmental and social justice, women’s empowerment and new models of education.

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