Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design/Technical Production

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design/Technical Production

This degree provides you with a well-rounded liberal education as well as vigorous training in the areas of scenic, costume, lighting, and technical production.

The training you receive in this program is designed to prepare you for entry-level position in professional theatre, television, film, or other entertainment arts industries or to pursue further education at a graduate school.

Training in this program emphasizes a diverse combination of knowledge and skills.  We encourage you to cultivate strong analytical skills based on knowledge of:

  • dramatic literature
  • world culture
  • the arts and humanities

Additional attention is focused on developing proficiencies in painting, drawing, and computer and other technical skills.

By working on actual theatre productions, you will learn the work ethic and time management skills needed for success in this field. A fundamental mission of this program is to teach you high professional standards and encourage you to think creatively.

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BFA in Theatre with an Option in Design/Technology Degree Plan.



  • Scene Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Technical Director
  • and a variety of other Entertainment Art Industry positions and fields

Application to this program

A separate application and portfolio review is required for acceptance into the Design/Technical Production Major. The acceptance process for both new and transfer students includes an interview and analysis of the overall artistic and academic record, and determination of the potential for success throughout the course of study.

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