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  • Global Arts Academy

  • Global Arts Academy

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  • Global Arts Academy

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The Global Arts Academy at Nebraska brings together exceptional students from around the world to a unique and exciting four-year program that immerses international and U.S. students in transformative academic, co-curricular, and career-building experiences. Students major in any of our 10 areas and learn about each other’s cultures as they connect through travel and transformative academic and co-curricular experiences. Students will graduate with the skills and knowledge to become world-ready artists, performers and leaders.

Our partnerships also provide opportunities for faculty exchanges, joint research and other collaborative efforts.

Muskan in her office

Embark on an extraordinary educational journey in the USA at Nebraska—a decision that transformed my life and opened doors to unparalleled opportunities in graphic design. Choosing Nebraska was fueled by my aspiration to pursue a BFA in graphic design, a specialization not offered anywhere in India at that time. Additionally, receiving the highest scholarship from Nebraska among the schools I applied to played a pivotal role in my decision. Despite initial hesitations about studying far from home, the experience proved to be remarkably fulfilling.

At Nebraska, I immersed myself in a world-class education that not only propelled me to academic excellence but also exposed me to the vibrant and dynamic realm of creativity. As both a student and employee, I collaborated with elite creatives, refining my skills and gaining invaluable hands-on experience. I cultivated lasting bonds with supportive faculty and found lifelong friends who became my chosen family. The journey taught me to be more flexible, independent, and mature, transforming me into a well-rounded individual ready to tackle the challenges of the professional world. Today, I look back at this decision as one of the best of my life.

--Muskan Yadav, Visual Communications Specialist, Hixson-Lied College

The college offers 10 major programs of study in the following schools:

The School of Art, Art History & Design
Majors available in the visual arts:

Students can focus solely on a professional degree in Art, Art History, or Graphic Design, or combine their study with a wide range of subjects from the fine arts to the sciences. Double majors and minors are possible and even encouraged.

The Glenn Korff School of Music
Majors available in music and dance:

Students are a part of a strong community of musicians and dancers, and you will have access to incredible faculty and professional guest artists. A state-of-the-art new music building is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2025. This technologically advanced facility will increase student opportunities in music production, the business of music, and entrepreneurship.

The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film

(which includes the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts and Nebraska Repertory Theatre)

Majors available in theatre arts:
Majors available in emerging media arts:

We’re committed to preparing students to succeed in the technologically advanced entertainment industries. We have strong connections with industry professionals in New York, Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Our connections extend throughout India where we are also setting up career development opportunities for students from India and the United States. Whether the student is interested in acting, technical theatre, or emerging media, we connect students with the best faculty, guest artists and core competencies to give them ownership over their future and allow them to thrive in a changing, diverse, global environment.

The Nebraska Repertory Theatre provides students with opportunities to act, design, and create productions alongside working theatre professionals.

Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center Screens a wide diversity of high-quality cinema. Student films and acting reels are screened as part of the Ross’s programming.

Application Process

  • Step 1. Apply to the University of Nebraska.
  • Step 2. Some of our majors require an audition or portfolio submission. Learn more about our degree programs and specific admissions processes here.
  • Step 3. Complete the Global Arts Academy application form here.

Program Selection Requirements

  • Student must be admitted to UNL.
  • Student must be accepted into a Hixson-Lied College degree program based on audition or portfolio review (if required by the program).
  • Student must be pursuing and making progress toward a Hixson-Lied College degree program.
  • Students who are invited to participate in the Global Arts Academy must confirm their commitment to participate and pay their University deposit by May 1.

Program Participation Requirements

  • Attend the GAA orientation in August which will occur during in conjunction with campus-wide Big Red Welcome events.
  • Enroll in the special GAA section of Start Smart (CFPA 30), which is a required course for all FPA students.
  • Attend a minimum of four (4) designated GAA events each semester (e.g. show at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, social activity, concert, gallery opening, etc.).
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor each semester.
  • Attend a mid-semester GAA meeting with college leaders.
  • Attend the GAA celebration event at the end of each semester.


Scholarships for the Global Arts Academy are awarded on a rolling basis, so it is important to submit your application materials to UNL as soon as possible. In addition to scholarships for participation in the Global Arts Academy, students accepted into the Global Arts Academy may be awarded any University or College merit and need based scholarships they are eligible for based on the scholarships’ standard requirements.


First-year students will live together on a common floor in a campus residence hall. Roommate matches will utilize Residence Life’s Roommate Finder and will prioritize other students in the Global Arts Academy. Sign up here.

Special Global Arts Academy opportunities

  • Global Arts Academy Artists will arrive on campus early for a special welcome and orientation program.
  • Students will participate in a Global Arts Academy course during their first semester at UNL. This course is designed to provide a foundation for student success in this global context.
  • Project-based experiences.
  • Expenses paid for 2 experiential learning trips during the academic career.
  • Mentoring by faculty and upper-class peers.
  • Assistance with Internship(s) placement.
  • Connection with cultural centers and communities in Lincoln.

International Services

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts welcomes international students to campus and provides a variety of services to support their social and academic well-being. We provide support services during the admissions process and throughout an international student’s time at Nebraska.  

Have Questions? We're Here to Help

If you have questions about the Global Arts Academy, contact us.

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Contact Name
Chris Watson
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Director of Recruitment
For applications and scholarships questions ask Chris.
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Emily Griffin Overocker
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Senior Director of Student Success
For Global Arts Academy questions ask Emily.