Hixson-Lied Endowment

Hixson-Lied Endowment

In January 2000, Christina M. Hixson and the Lied Foundation Trust announced a gift of $18 million to the University of Nebraska Foundation to support the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's College of Fine and Performing Arts. The endowment, named the Christina M. Hixson-Lied Foundation Trust Endowment for the College of Fine and Performing Arts, benefits all areas of the college.

Half of the fund's income provides support for programs both in the college and in the college's affiliated organizations, which include:

Since 2002, the Hixson-Lied Endowment has distributed more than $7.5 million in grants to our programs, faculty and students, with a total impact of more than $14.4 million.

A small sampling of projects funded through the Programs portion of the Endowment include:

Funded Programs

Digital Arts Initiative

Digital Arts Initiative

The Digital Arts Initiative provides interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts, and is possible through collaboration among faculty from the:

  • Department of Art & Art History
  • Glenn Korff School of Music
  • Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film

Funding from the Hixson-Lied Endowment matched a Program of Excellence seed grant from the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to support its development.

Interdisciplinary Arts Symposium

Interdisciplinary Arts Symposium

The Interdisciplinary Arts Symposium (IAS) comprises:

  • a theme-based public performance series with artists in residence
  • a free public lecture series to complement the performances
  • a seminar for UNL students devoted to the season's theme
  • a book series.

IAS places the performing arts in a broader, more meaningful context, creates a diverse audience for performances and brings world-class performance and scholarship to UNL and Lincoln.

Vipers in the Grass set

Carson Film Series

The Endowment funded the first two films in the Carson Film Series, which involves a select number of industry professionals teaming with students and faculty from the University and Nebraska Educational Television to create a short film.

The remaining funds are divided equally to support Faculty/Staff and Students. Some of the projects funded in these two categories include:


Student Grants

  • for undergraduate and graduate students
  • awarded annually and competitively based on peer-review by the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advisory Boards
  • for opportunities to:
    • study in the U.S. or abroad
    • present scholarly/creative work
    • create work that would otherwise be difficult to produce due to cost

Sheldon Graduate Fellowship

  • for one graduate Master of Fine Arts candidate
  • awarded for a 3-year period
  • awardee is trained by and works with the Sheldon Curator of Education to develop and increase University audiences for the Museum and its programs.

Hixson-Lied Graduate Fellowships

  • for up to 32 new graduate students in each academic unit in the College
  • applicants undergo rigorous evaluation by members of the graduate faculty
  • criteria include:
    • evidence of outstanding past achievement and
    • potential for excellence in scholarship and creative activity at the highest level
    • awards from $3,500 to $4,500, in addition to the graduate assistant stipends already provided by the University.

Hixson-Lied Undergraduate Scholarships

  • for incoming in-state or out-of-state Freshman students, as well as for transfer students new to UNL
  • merit/talent-based, awarded for two years, non-renewable
  • up to 30 scholarships awarded annually
  • current award amounts are $2,000 for in-state and $5,500 for out-of-state students per year


Faculty Grants

  • for faculty who are creating or presenting work that brings national and/or international attention to the College and the creative and scholarly work of the faculty
  • several annual grants, including:
    • Research/Creative Activity Grants
    • Presentation of Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants
    • Development Travel Grants

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • 11 annual awards
  • recognizing outstanding performance and accomplishments in:
    • teaching
    • research and creative activity
    • faculty service
    • outreach and engagement
    • and staff service to the College and University

Hixson-Lied Professorships

  • $3,000 annual award
  • eligibility:
    • tenured faculty at the rank of Associate or Full Professor who do not already hold a named professorship
    • who have demonstrated exceptional overall performance over an extended time frame
    • and whose accomplishments have gained significant recognition beyond the University

Hixson-Lied Advisory Board

The  Hixson-Lied Advisory Board was created to review and react to proposals for funding support from the Hixson-Lied Endowment to benefit the College and its affiliated organizations. The board encourages proposals that will truly advance excellence in the College and enhance its national reputation. Additionally, the board is involved in overseeing the investment of the endowed funds in cooperation with the University of Nebraska Foundation's Finance Committee.

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