The UNL Clarinet Studio offers a rich, musical atmosphere in which to continue your studies at the undergraduate or graduate levels. We offer the following degrees in music that Dr. Diane Barger, Professor of Clarinet, tailors to your needs and educational/career goals: Music Minor, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, and the PhD in Music Education.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is proud to be “pioneering new frontiers” inside the studio and classroom to prepare our students for their diverse careers in music.  

Take a look inside our website to learn about all that we have to offer you!

WELCOME to all of our new and returning members of the 2019-2020 UNL Clarinet Studio: Kayla Blinston, Mackenzie Conroy, Season Cowley, Ashley Cypher, Sarah Ernst, Melissa Graue, Jenna Hakenewerth, Taeyeong Jung, Victoria Klaus, Dayton Linhardt, Allison Linton, Jake Ludwig, Kayla Martin, Caroline Mattern, Grayson McGregor, Macy Miller, Shiana Montanari,  Abby Muraski,  Karla Oritz, Emily Rose, Brigit Schultz, Sapphire Toth, and Jula Wielenga.