The Composer-Educator at UNL's Glenn Korff School of Music

The Music Education and Composition programs at the Glenn Korff School of Music support an exciting collaboration in the training of the next generation of composer-educators. Alumni of this undergraduate Music Education program are fully credentialed and uniquely equipped to teach students across a wide range of musical backgrounds and experiences.

The applied lesson focus on composition and arranging empowers the composer-educator to:
  • Create tailored teaching materials for their students, increasing the effectiveness of instruction
  • Create and adapt musical works for specific instrumentation and voicing of their ensembles
  • Teach and model best creative practices in music technology, composition, and songwriting classes

In addition to the full range of music education coursework, students in this program receive a thorough foundation in applied composition, enabling them to work and create at the professional level. For a thorough discussion of this curriculum and its evolution, please see

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Robert Woody, Associate Professor of Music Education