Big Red Singers

Big Red Singers

Director: Nick McGraw (2017-18)

Directed by Nick McGraw (2017-18) with Prof. Peter Eklund as faculty advisor, Nebraska's Big Red Singers is an ensemble featuring some of the university’s finest musicians. Outstanding performers from all over the university, representing a variety of different majors from Music Education to Engineering to Psychology and including many students involved in the Greek system, work together in the development of entertaining, high-energy, fully-choreographed shows. The ensemble’s repertoire is chosen from a wide variety of popular music as well as music from Broadway. Rehearsals are 300 minutes a week, on Sundays from 7:00 to 9:30 pm and on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 10:00 pm.

Big Red Singers functions as an ambassador of the choral area, the Glenn Korff School of Music, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is designed to provide the university singer with guidance in performing, performance opportunities, experiences, and leadership skills. One of the ensemble’s main objectives is to build advanced stage presence and professionalism, while continuing to foster healthy singing. Within the ensemble is an atmosphere of collegiality among its musicians, and it provides the young professional with useful tools for future careers on stage. Although some performances occur in the fall semester, most performances are scheduled during the spring semester. The first semester is dedicated to developing ideal performance habits.

Big Red Singers seeks to represent the very best in show choir while providing numerous cross-curricular benefits. While maintaining its show choir roots, Big Red Singers is also active in the world of classical music, performing occasionally as an opera chorus and as the recital choir for student conductors. 

Big Red Singers runs its own summer show choir camp in June (the Nebraska Show Choir Camp), hosts the annual MIDWEST CUP Show Choir Invitational Competition in January in the University of Nebraska’s magnificent Lied Center, and performs regionally.  In addition, Big Red Singers has performed at Nebraska’s NMEA fall conference of music educators numerous times.

2017-18 Big Red Singers

Congratulations to all. This was the most talented group of singers to ever audition for this ensemble. Many students in this ensemble have auditioned before and not been selected the first time—enroll in a University of Nebraska-Lincoln choir and keep singing and audition again (not everyone on our football team here starts as a freshman). Each student-musician should enroll in another choral ensemble (the primary ensemble must be taken for class-credit, the second ensemble can be taken for $0.00 and 0 credit). All students need to be registered for BRS BEFORE the first rehearsal. Mark your calendars: BRS Fall Camp is August 13-19 culminating with an awesome full performance that Saturday night before classes begin. More info later.

Sam Barnes, Secondary Special Education, Sioux City IA

Carlie Bauer, Secondary English and Language Arts Education, Minden

Samantha Biel, Advertising and Public Relations, Springfield IL

Lauren Brickett, Biochemistry, Ponca

Ann Briggs, Conservation Biology, Gresham

Nicolas Caberos, Music Education, Papillion

Tevan Carrell, Computer Science, Beatrice

Parker Christensen, Music Education, Omaha

* Cal Cross, Music Education, Sioux Falls SD

Tara Deschaine, Psychology, Martell

‡ Justin Eisenbeis, Music Education, Freeman SD

Katie Esters, Political Science, Lincoln

* Drew Firkins, Music Education, Omaha

Becca Francis, Biological Systems Engineering, Hastings MN

Holden Franken, Biological Sciences, Firth

Augustine Fulton, Marketing, Lincoln

Tom Fulton , Mechanical Engineering, Lincoln

Taylor Graham, Biology, Lincoln

Katelyn Hinderer, Music Education, Omaha

Elsa Knight, Classics, Political Science, and Pre-Law, Clay Center

Cal Koch, Psychology and Pre-Medicine, Omaha

Blake  Krenk, Advertising and Public Relations, Lincoln

Bridget Lang, French and Political Science, Lincoln

Anna Lockhart, Accounting, Arvada CO

Nika Longe, Advertising and Public Relations, Omaha

Aaron Marlatt, Chemical Engineering, Aurora

Devyn Martinez, Undeclared, Holmen WI

Dakota Mathew, Vocal Music Education, Harrisonville MO

Chase McClure, Undeclared, Mitchell SD

Shayla Meyer, Pre-Health, Lincoln

Lucy Moran, Music Education, Omaha

Clare Morehouse, Pre-Health, Lincoln

Blaine Nelson, Business Administration, Central City

Kristen Nett, Management, Stoughton WI

Skylar Nickles, Music Education, Lincoln

Jordan Noack, Speech Pathology, Lincoln

Michael O'Brien, Undecided, Omaha

Jake Parker, Dance Performance, Columbus

Natasha Pierce, Marketing, Lincoln

Madeline Reddel, Music Education, Omaha

Ethan  Reid, Film Studies, Lincoln

Hunter Reifert, Music Education, Lincoln

Matt Reynoldson, Sports Broadcasting, Lincoln

Courtney Riedmann, Music Education, Omaha

David Rushing, Music Education, Lincoln

Sean Ryan, Vocal Performance, Papillion

Savannah Santos Bishop, Pre-Criminology and Criminal Justice, Hastings

Sierra  Schurman, Psychology, Pickrell

Daniel Simerly, Music Education, Omaha

Michaela Sleep, Music Education, Omaha

Hannah Terrell, Psychology, Lincoln

Alex Toney, Elementary Education, Lincoln

Stefanie Vanderbeek, Computer Science, Omaha

Sam Varney, Music Education, Syracuse

Sam Vazzano, Music Education, Omaha

Corinne VerMulm, Vocal Performance and Psychology, Sioux Falls SD

Nathan Wallace, Music Education, Omaha

Samantha Washington, Political Science, Lincoln

Houston Wheeler, Music Education, Omaha

Clare  Wilton, Conservation Biology, Gresham

Evan Wohlers , Chemical Engineering, Omaha


‡ pianist

* student directors

Big Red Singers
Big Red Singers

Course Number:

MUDC 351 (Music Majors & Minors for degree requirement only)
MUEN 351 (everyone else)

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