Varsity Chorus

Director: Dr. Peter Eklund

When the Varsity Chorus gathers on stage, it's much more than a concert. It's an event! One that leaves the audience spellbound and wanting more. The choir has been transformed into one of the finest of its kind in the country, as evidenced by their invitation to the 50th Anniversary ACDA National Convention (2009). Those who hear them become immediate fans. It is not difficult to account for the choir's popularity. These enthusiastic singers achieve a rich and full sound, and their repertoire is unique and varied. While focusing primarily on music of the standard male chorus repertoire, they also bring new literature into this musical idiom with interesting new commissions and exciting multi-cultural works. What brings them all together is the enjoyment of making music and the special camaraderie, which is such an important part of ensembles.

The Varsity Chorus is dedicated to the service of the University, the state, its members, and to the art of music. Membership is open to any male singer enrolled in the university. A non-auditioned group, students from throughout the University are encouraged to participate. From athletes to valedictorians, leaders in student government, and clubs/fraternities/activities, the members of this busy singing group bring with them a wide diversity in backgrounds and interests while maintaining fine GPA's.

Rehearsals are held for 150 minutes per week. The chorus's tradition dates back over 100 years, being one of the very first two music ensembles on  campus, and boasts numerous alumni who have matriculated and gone on to lead prominent choirs, schools of music, colleges, and national organizations. Two past ACDA presidents, William Hatcher and Morris Hayes, both received all of their degrees at Nebraska and proudly performed with the men's chorus.

Auditions: No Audition is required for Varsity Chorus, if you would like to join please register for the class. 

Varsity Chorus
Varsity Chorus

Course Number:

MUDC 343 (Music Majors & Minors for degree requirement only)
MUEN 343/ 843 (everyone else)