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Open to all singers (grade 5 through adults)
Regular Rehearsal Dates:

Fall Dates: August 30-November 22

When: Sunday afternoons from 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Where: Due to COVID-19 concerns, i2Choir will meet via Zoom for the majority of the Fall session. Please contact Rhonda Fuelberth to register and you will receive Zoom meeting information. We also anticipate several socially-distanced in-person singing opportunities at several points throughout the semester. We will look forward to being back at the International Quilt Center in the Spring.

Concert and Community Sing:
Concert dates, TBA

i2Choir performance image at the Quilt Museum of Art 
i2Choir in Rehearsal

i2Choir is open to all participants who can sing, as well as those who want to learn to sing. We invite participants to register in cross-age, cross-ability groups or “singing teams” of two to four who want to participate in the ensemble together. We encourage teams who would like to sing with, and support family members and friends with a variety of physical, sensory, and cognitive challenges.

i2Choir Mission

The primary purpose of the i2Choir is to create a naturally inclusive music-making opportunity wherein individual contributions are valued, musical growth is championed, and all members become partners in the experience of creating high-quality music. Participants also benefit from group singing instruction that enables them to enjoy music making, adding to each member’s quality of life. Using the principles of Universal Design for Learning, musical growth activities are designed to maximize the learning potential for everyone who participates.

How do I get involved?

Contact Us:


Dr. Rhonda Fuelberth, Associate Professor, Music Education, UNL Glenn Korff School of Music

i2Choir in Rehearsal at the Quilt Center

i2Choir Spring registration

To register for i2Choir, please print the i2Choir Application and Waiver Form and send it by January 30th to:

Dr. Rhonda Fuelberth
347 Westbrook Music Building
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0100

You may also print the form and send a scanned copy to rfuelberth2@unl.edu. Forms must be submitted via email for our Fall 2020 session.
*Please note that one form must be completed for each individual singer/participant.