Jane Gregorius Professor Emeritus, Cabrillo College, California

BS in Art Education, 1966

Jane Gregorius received her BS degree in Art Education from UNL in 1966.

She received her MFA in printmaking from California State University, Long Beach, in 1976. She fulfilled her promise for teaching through positions at the Los Angeles City School for 12 years, at the Colorado Mountain College, Vail for 2 years, and at Cabrillo College for 27 years.

Jane Gregorius’ most important long-term contributions are through her development and organization of two extraordinary environments to create rich opportunities for creativity and dialog. She was a founding member of the group that led the Summervail Workshops in Vail, Colorado, from 1971–1984, which brought together 70 artists for workshops throughout the summer. Similarly, she is a founder of the Yuma Symposium, Yuma, Arizona, ongoing since 1985, which is a weeklong extravaganza of shows, workshops, lectures and slide jams with 10 visiting artists and 200 participants each year. In both of these complex programs Gregorius fostered a collaborative, experimental, educational experience for all participants – professional artists, amateurs, art patrons, locals.