School of Art, Art History & Design COVID-19 Information for Students

Sculpture in the sculpture garden with a face covering

Craig Chandler / University Communications


Fabrication Space

In order to better facilitate proper social distancing, the fabrication space will now be open by reservation only. Graduate and undergrad students can book times in advance on the art fabrication space website.

Because of the limited number of reservations the Fabrication Space will be open longer hours.

Masks will be a required to enter the Fabrication Space, hand sanitizer will be available, and students will have spray disinfectant bottles to spray down tools, areas and machines after use.

Students wishing to check out tools, or grab consumable goods for use elsewhere may still come in up to two at a time. Checkout will still be enforced, though you must bring your own pen.

All tools returned from use outside the space, or used while in the fabrication space must be sprayed down and returned in the new tool return bin, Joseph and the GTAs will then spray down again and replace the tool.

Common use safety glasses and pencils will no longer be available in the fabrication space. Joseph will give everyone a pair of glasses and a pencil for use throughout the year upon completion of the required fabrication space orientation.

Classes that use the space will be limited in how many students can work in the space at a time and the space will be closed to all others during this time.

Trainings will be limited to 6 people at a time.

The Fabrication Space will still be available after open hours for Faculty, Grads and Staff. Though reservations will not be required we ask that you still limit the number of people working to no more than 6, no less than 2, that you maintain social distancing and follow the disinfectant protocols.

Digital lab

The Digital Lab will be open to everyone with reduced capacity. We are developing a web reservation /sign up system. People will book block of time, and we plan on a scheduled break time in between blocks. We will still be open, and computers will be available to a few students at a time to come in without and appointment to checkout a cameras, buy material, etc.

Building Access

Buildings will be unlocked starting August 10th. Graduate and Undergraduate student will be granted 24/7 access to Woods and Richards.

Building Signage

Signage and floor clings will be place around the building to control traffic flow and social distancing. A sticker will be placed on floors to keep the social distancing between easels and working stations (Richards Hall Rm. 112). Signage will also be placed on chairs in Richards Rms. 14 and 15 designating the available seats

Studio Courses

The majority of the studio courses in the Fall will be a combination of a Hybrid model and in-person class meetings. In the event that a student is taking the semester entirely online, or that we transition to online, each class discussion will also occur synchronously on Zoom video conferencing.

Class Schedule

Classes will be dismissed 15-20 minutes early for clean-up and to limit the number of students waiting in hallways to enter classrooms.

Sculpture Area Access & Policy

Students must follow the School of Art, Art History and Design policy on masks, social distancing and hygiene. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be provided in RH 24. Students are responsible for their tool kits and are required to clean their work area prior to leaving. A demo on cleaning shared tools will be given prior to each project.

RH 24 General Work Space:

  • Only enrolled sculpture students will be allowed to access the sculpture work area during respective class times.
  • Students will continue to have 24/7 access to the sculpture area, outside of scheduled class time.
  • There will be a limit of 18 students in the RH 24 general work area. A sign-up sheet is located on the entrance door for 2 hour blocks of work time.
  • The tables have been marked with red tape to indicate distance seating.
  • All students are responsible to disinfect handled tools and equipment. Each table will have a disinfectant spray bottle and a basket to place any found items needing disinfecting.
  • A portion of the room, designated by yellow tape on the floor, is reserved for SCLP 212 and 412 students only. All other students are not allowed to use or store projects in this area.

Metals Area:

  • 6 students at a time will be allowed to work in the Oxy-Ace work area.
  • Only one person can be using the MIG/TIG welders inside at a time. A second person can be using the Plasma Cutter (CNC / hand held)
  • A sign-up sheet, for out of class work time, is placed on the entrance door to the metals area.
  • All shared tools and equipment must be disinfected between student use. Disinfect tools in the designated metals area (away from welding stations).
  • Welding station must be disinfected only when the station is shut down and no flames are present.

Plaster Room:

  • The plaster room will be limited to 4 students at a time.
  • Students must use their own tools and buckets.


Students are responsible providing a lock and cleaning their locker (orange lockers marked sculpture or grey lockers in the sculpture area.) Do not store liquids or flammables in the lockers.

Printmaking, Ceramic, Painting and Graphic Design Studio Hours

Due to social distancing requirements, we will be using a weekly calendar/ sign up to schedule studio time outside of class meeting times. There will be a limited number of students allowed in the studio and workspaces at any given time.

Guest Artists & Scholars

The Fall 2020 Hixson-Lied Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series will be conducted remotely. More specific information is coming soon as we develop the roster of artists and scholars for the Fall.

Student Advising/mentoring

It is strongly recommended that all student advising and/or mentoring should take place remotely, particularly if the faculty office is too small to allow for 6’ social distancing.

Take the Cornhusker Commitment

Badge that says Committed to Doing My Part

As a member of the Husker community, each of us must take the necessary steps to stay well and protect each other. Make the commitment to protect yourself and our Husker community. Students are being asked to sign the Cornhusker Commitment, a document that outlines a desire to take steps to protect themselves and the greater community.