Portrait of Carlie Antes

Carlie Antes

Assistant Professor of Practice (Foundations)

Carlie Antes is assistant professor of practice and 3D Foundations coordinator. Antes earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with an emphasis in ceramics and returned to complete her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. Antes’ work explores biological and ecological structures set alongside human inventions and behavior—utilizing the physical matter of her lived experiences as visual placeholders for people, places, memories and emotions.

Antes has received numerous awards and accolades for her creative research including the Dan and Barbara Howard Creative Achievement Award (2020), the Jean R. Faulkner Memorial Art Exhibition Award (2017, 2020), and the Francis William Vreeland Award (2017, 2023). Antes looks forward to engaging a diverse student body and bolstering their understanding of three-dimensional visual information, its relationship to art/craft/design and the everyday human experience.