Portrait of Joshua Lowe

Josh Lowe

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Area of Focus: Graphic Design
MFA, Purdue University

Joshua Lowe earned a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from Purdue University and has previously served on the faculty of Illinois Wesleyan University, the University of Nebraska, and Purdue University. He is a former art director in both agency and in-house design settings, with an emphasis in typography, storytelling, and branding.

Lowe’s work has been awarded and published in international design journals, including Communication Arts and Graphis. He has received Telly and Addy awards for his work in advertising, and has exhibited throughout the Midwest. 

His current research embraces and explores the relationship between physical and digital experiences, and seeks to drive positive change through visual storytelling, motion design, and interactivity.  

As a design educator, Lowe aims to foster a culture of creative problem solving and innovative output through healthy collaboration, encouraging students to seek local and global design problems to solve. His students have been selected for design awards in the US, Portugal, Japan, UK, and India.  


Critical & Creative Thinking
Graphic Design III
Typography II
Graphic Design III