Portrait of Mo Neal

Mo Neal

Emeritus Faculty, 2015
Area of Focus: Drawing, Sculpture
MFA 1991 Virginia Commonwealth University
BA 1988 Washington State University

Born in Houston, Texas, Mo Neal spent the following four and one half decades roaming the country. The current residency in Lincoln (20 years) is the longest time in one location and under one roof (13 years).  Schools attended include Louisville School of Art, Washington State University (BA 1988) and Virginia Commonwealth University (MFA 1991). Her earliest memory of space and movement was gained while playing on the front seat of a Hudson as her parents frantically tried to pull it from the coastal cliff edge where it had lodged after Mo released the brake. Ever since then she remains fascinated with movement and precarious spaces. In 1994 Neal was awarded an National Endowment for the Arts for Sculpture. She is Associate Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska.