Kimmel Scholarship

The Kimmel Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $3,000 per year, available for incoming students, either freshman or transfer. Applicants must be residents of Nebraska and applying to UNL with a declared art major. The Kimmel is renewable pending a portfolio review at the end of each academic year. The Kimmel is renewable for up to four years for incoming freshman and three years for an incoming transfer student.

Applications are reviewed by the Department Scholarship Committee and vetted according to a portfolio review, a letter of recommendation and a personal statement. Applications will be accepted between November 15th and March 1st.

To apply for the Kimmel Foundation Scholarship, complete the Art & Art History Scholarship Application at:

Please anticipate that the following items will need to be submitted or uploaded:

  • Letter of Recommendation: The letter of recommendation should identify the student’s work habits, maturity, adaptability, and artistic strengths.
  • Personal statement: The personal statement should outline an applicant’s interest and goals for their time at UNL, their influences, personal achievements and other contributions. The letter may also include life circumstances that further demonstrate a need for the scholarship.
  • Portfolio of work (6-15 images of artwork)

Questions can be directed to Andrea Maack at or at 402-472-5522.

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