About the Program

Approximately 60-70 undergraduate students work in the printmaking studios each semester.

The School of Art, Art History & Design furnishes graduate students with semi-private studios, approximately 180 square feet in size. The MFA program is a three-year, 60-credit hour course of study. Most printmaking graduate students are funded through graduate assistantships during the course of their stay.


The printmaking and book arts facilities at UNL occupy the top floor of the Woods Art Building, situated in the heart of the main city campus. The five large rooms feature full length walls of windows, creating exceptionally well-lit and inviting work spaces. The shop includes separate rooms for etching, lithography, letterpress and book arts, with large work tables in each area.

The educational objectives for students specializing in printmaking are:

  • To seek the creative potential inherent in all the various print media, including intaglio, lithography, silk-screen, and relief, as well as non-toxic techniques
  • To help expand definitions of the print including new technologies and alternative presentations
  • To develop the creative process of printmaking through skillful application and conceptual development
  • To understand how print media has played an important role in major art movements in order to assess one’s place in the stream of contemporary art
  • To develop one’s work in a collaborative learning environment with the assistance of critical review, mentoring, self-evaluation, provocative assignments, and discussions.