Digital Lab

Digital Lab

The Digital Lab will be have reduced hours of operation for start of the
SPRING 2024 semester.

**Available only to students enrolled in a School of Art or EMA Class**

SPRING '24 Hours:

8am - 9pm

8am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm

8am - 6pm

8am - 12pm; 1pm - 7pm

8am - 2pm

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 12pm - 3pm


Woods Art Building 210 
(Phone available 8-5, M-F)

Drew Davis
Digital Instructional Specialist
Woods Art Building 210C
(Phone available 8-5, M-F)


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For School of Art, Art History & Design students, faculty, and Staff who need access to computers with Adobe design and video software, the Digital Lab is an available solution. Flatbed scanners, Wacom tablets, Apple iPads, large-format inkjet printers, and photo/video equipment for checkout provide students numerous possibilities for artistic output and portfolio documentation. See all of our available resources here.


Photo, video and other equipment is available for student checkout. Some equipment is class-specific and only circulates to students currently enrolled in those classes. Ncard must be presented to check out any equipment.


View the Equipment and Studio Reservation Calendar

Please use the WebCheckout Reservation Web Portal to peruse and reserve digital lab equipment.
Equipment Reservation Web Portal.

All Art, Art History & Design students have access to the Artwork Documentation Space in the Richards Hall attic to document work. It is available on a first come first serve basis. To reserve the space for 1 hour, submit your request here: Artwork Documentation Space.
For currently enrolled Photo Studio course students or above seeking to reserve the Photography Studio, please request a reservation here: Photo Studio Reservation.


In order to access and print with the 17", 24", and 44" large-format inkjet printers and the B/W and PANTONE Xerox laser printer, you must be enrolled in an Art, Art History or Design class. Papercut is only good at the Digital Lab. Wepa does not work at the Digital Lab. To access your Papercut balance or redeem fund cards, you must login to Papercut here.

The SAAHD Digital Lab functions in a workshop model to help students realize their visions from both the design and production sides of the digital printing workflow. Printing costs also reflect this philosophy. However, we've included a few video tutorials that walk you through some of the most common printing scenarios and problems.

For a full printing service center, please address your questions to the Pixel Lab at Henzlik Hall or University of Nebraska-Lincoln Print Services.


Xerox Color and Canon Monochrome (Black and White Only) Printers:
  US Letter (8.5x11”): Tabloid (11x17”): Tabloid Oversized (12x18”):
Black and White $0.10 $0.15 $0.20
Color $0.30 $0.50 $0.60

Large Format Inkjet Printers:
  Epson SureColor P5000 (17”): Canon Pro-2000 (24”): Canon Pro-4100 (44”):
Cost per Square Foot: $3.50 $3.50 $3.50


The Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Cutter interfaces with vector files from Adobe Illustrator CC to create high-detail adhesive-backed vinyl decals suitable for wall mounting. Cut vinyl is $1.00 per square foot and must be purchased after cutting with Ncard only. We have low-tack black, white and full adhesive magenta vinyls as well as sandblast mask material.



We offer a variety of materials available for students to purchase for classwork.

Copper Plates:
  Size: Cost:
Whole 24 x 36" $165
Half 18 x 24" $83
Quarter 12 x 18" $42
Eighth 9 x 12" $21
Sixteenth 6 x 9" $11
Ball Grained Litho Plates:
  Size: Cost:
Whole 30 x 36" $52
Half 18 x 30" $26
Quarter 15 x 18" $13
Eighth 9 x 15" $6.50
Photopolymer Intaglio Plates:
  Size: Cost:
Whole 8.25 x 11.5" $12
Mat and Foam Board:
  Size: Cost: Size: Cost:
2-Ply Sheet: 32 x 40" $8 16 X 20" $3
4-Ply Sheet: 32 x 40" $15 16 X 20" $5
1/8in. Foam Board: 32 x 40" $10 16 x 20" $4
1/8 in. Acrylic:
  Size: Cost:
Whole 48 x 48" $94
Half 32 x 40" $52
Quarter 16 x 20" $13
Eighth 8 x 10" $3.25
Photo Film:
  Kind: Cost:
 Ilford HP5 - 36 Frames - 400 ISO B/W $7.50
 Kentmere Pan B/W - 36 Frames - 400 ISO B/W $5.50
 Kentmere Pan B/W - 400 ISO B/W $5.00
Photo Paper:
Kind: Type: Size: Quantity: Cost:
 Ilford Multigrade - Glossy Fiber-based 8x10 in. 25 Sheets $40.00
 Ilford Multigrade - Pearl Resin-coated 8x10 in. 50 Sheets $56.00



**The laser cutter is to only be used by students and for students currently enrolled in an Art, Art History or Design class for the current semester. Non-art-related projects will not be permitted**

View the Epilog Laser Cutter Policies

The School of Art, Art History & Design has two Epilog 32 Laser Cutters available. These are Co2 Lasers, good for cutting and rastering most materials. The bed on the laser cutter is 32" x 20" with a depth up to 14.5". In order to use the laser cutter you must have gone through prior training and be cleared for use.

Training is offered on the first Friday of every month at 10AM, unless otherwise noted. The session will meet in the Woods Art Building, Room 210. To sign up for training, please fill out the form or see Drew Davis in the Digital Lab. There are 12 spots available for each training session. Training is valid for one Academic year (Fall through Summer semesters), requiring retraining at the beginning of each Fall Semester.

To sign up for training or to make a reservation, please fill out the Epilog Laser Cutter Reservation Form. **Training and reservation requests do not guarantee a spot. You will receive a follow up email from the student worker confirming your submission**

The laser cutter can be reserved for up to 1.5 hours at a time per person, for those that are on the approved users list. The laser cutter is available Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM. Please view the schedule below for a calendar of available times. Please reference the list of acceptable materials and get your materials approved by Drew Davis prior to arriving for your reservation time. There is no cost to use the laser cutter and materials are not provided.

View the Epilog Laser Cutter Reservation Calendar

View the Epilog Laser Cutter Approved Materials List

SAAHD Epilog Laser Training Handbook