Music Technology Minor (Plan A)

Plan A Minor in Music Technology*

*For students on Fall 2017 Catalog

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Minor in Music Technology - 19 credit option

No audition is required for the minor in music technology.

The Music Technology Minor is a "Plan A" minor and involves four categories of courses:

  • 100 or 200 level course in Computer Science or other computer programming-based course with advisor approval 

NOTE: A minimum of two courses must have a subject code of MUSC, MUED, or MUCP.

Select from the following:

  • MUSC 282 Intro to Music Composition & Digital Audio Production
  • MUSC 283 Music Technology: Foundations of Audio Recording and Production
  • MUSC 284 Music Technology: Foundations of MIDI Sequencing and Notation
  • MUSC 350 Film Scoring and Creative Sound Design
  • MUSC 383 Music Technology: Advanced Audio Recording and Production
  • MUSC 483 Music Technology: Advanced Techniques & Applications
  • MUCP 410 Film-Scoring for Music Majors

Music Education (open to music education majors only)

  • MUED 343 Music Composition Methods
  • MUED 401Z Advanced Methods: Special Topics (topic in music technology)

Digital Arts / Other Departments

Honors (Must be in Honors Program)

  • MUSC 189H University Honors Seminar (topic in music technology)
  • UHON 395H University Honors Seminar (topic in music technology)
CAPSTONE 1 credit
  • MUSC 484 Music Technology: Capstone (Course may be taken for 3 credits and count as the ACE 10 requirement as well)

NOTE: All courses must be taken for a grade.


Please contact Dr. Brian Moore (advisor for the music technology minor) for additional information.

Courses Offered Fall 2018

MUSC 283  - Foundations of Audio Recording and Production - [Tu/Th 11:00 AM-12:15 PM]
Please contact Prof. Tom Larson

MUSC 350 - Film Scoring & Creative Sound Design [M/W 1:30-3:20 PM] - Richards 17
Please contact Prof. Tom Larson

THEA 282 - Digital Video Production[M/W 11:30-1:20 PM] - Richards 17
Please contact Prof. Chris Irvin

ARTP 291Q - Special Topics in Digital Arts: Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics;[TR 2:00-4:50]
Please contact Prof. Chris Irvin

CANCELED: MUSC 282 - Introduction to Music Composition and Digital Audio Production [MW 3:30PM-4:45PM] Please contact  Dr. Brian Moore
Fundamentals of music composition with attention to creating original music in digital mediums including MIDI and digital audio. Theory and practice in improvisation as related to composition as well as techniques for reworking musical ideas towards creating a finished composition.

MUSC 189H sec 03 -  The 21st Century Scholar/Artist: Music Creation via the iPad [Tu/Th 12:30-1:45 PM]

NOTE: MUSC189H sec 03 only open to freshmen in the Honors Program