Undergraduate Admissions Process

Step 1 - Apply to the University

Admission as a major or minor to the Glenn Korff School of Music requires acceptance to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and fulfillment of requirements for the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Apply to the University

Step 2 - Schedule your Audition at the Glenn Korff School of Music

After applying to the University, schedule an audition with the Glenn Korff School of Music by completing the audition request form below.

Audition Information and how to request an audition
SOM Audition Request Form

You MUST AUDITION for the Glenn Korff School of Music faculty to be accepted as a major or minor in music or dance. Applicants who audition to be accepted as a music major or dance major are considered for scholarship support. The School of Music provides scholarship support only to majors.  You may audition in more than one area, but you must choose one area for major or minor and for scholarship consideration. Applicants auditioning for acceptance as a composition major also need to perform an audition in one of the performance areas.

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers a minor in music technology that is open to all UNL students.  The minor in music technology does not require an audition.

Minor in music technology

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Aid from the University
Music/Dance majors may qualify for scholarships from sources outside the Glenn Korff School of Music, including a wide variety of scholarships offered by the University and by private and public sources outside the University. Students may also qualify for other forms of financial assistance, including Pell grants, student loans, work study jobs, and other forms of campus employment. You can apply for any freshman scholarship offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by completing the Application for Freshman Scholarships and returning it to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) by January 15. Continuing students and transfer students should complete the Upper Class Scholarship Application. The UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid can provide you with detailed information and application procedures.

UNL Scholarships and Financial Aid

Special Opportunities for non-Nebraskans

There are many resources available for out of state students, whether a freshman or a transfer student. For full consideration, please...

  • Take the ACT or SAT on or before the December national test date of your senior year (freshman only)
  • Submit admission materials no later than January 15
  • Individuals who wish to be considered for need-based scholarships must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA, fafsa.ed.gov) before April 1 of your senior year
  • Contact your UNL academic department or college about any additional scholarship requirements, applications, and/or deadlines

Out of State Freshman Aid

Out of State Transfer Student Aid


If you are interested in living in the UNL residence halls, you must apply for housing. The music learning community is a wonderful opportunity for music students. A special floor in Selleck Residence Hall is reserved for music students. Space is limited, so if you are interested, inquire as soon as possible.

Transfer Students

Admission to the University is based on a student’s demonstrated preparation for university-level work. This includes transfer students as well as freshmen. For admission to the University you will need to complete an official transfer application form.

UNL Office of Admissions
Transfer Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Please note your transfer status in the comment section when requesting an audition.

Once admitted, placement exams will be given to determine the student’s musicianship proficiency level. An assigned advisor will meet with the student to complete the appropriate forms for credit transfer in the areas of Applied/Ensemble, Music Theory, Music History, Keyboard Skills, Music Education Skills Classes (if applicable) and any other music coursework. Transfer credit for non-music areas will be evaluated by the Dean’s Office of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

UNL Admissions Info for Transfer Students